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Learning Methodologies

Building the Learning Experience around Our Students

The mission of DeVry University is to foster student learning through high-quality, career-oriented education that integrates technology, science, business and the arts. We also know our students need flexible learning options, that's why we've built our learning experience around them. We offer courses online, on campus, and in our innovative extended classrooms*, and give students the opportunity to study full- or part-time with classes starting every eight weeks.


For some courses, students may spend the majority of their time on campus with a portion of coursework online that might include discussions, quizzes or tests to complement their in- classroom experience, while other courses and degree programs are delivered solely online. We also provide courses through DeVry’s extended classroom technology, a virtual learning community that goes beyond on-campus and online courses by joining together students from campuses across the country.

Our online experience is designed to ensure learning online is not learning alone, and each online program includes on-demand access to online tutoring, e-books, audiobooks and our digital library. Online students receive support from advisors who help them develop a plan of study, and opportunities for collaboration with other students, faculty, staff in our online community, plus hands-on learning experiences and career-focused curriculum.
The heart of our student’s learning experience is our digital platform and mobile app where students can access their courses, collaborate with peers and professors, engage in interactive learning experiences and track their course progress. It's just one of the ways we leverage our digital know-how and build the learning experience around our students.
Whether taking courses online, on campus or in a virtual classroom, the learning options offered at DeVry provide an interactive and collaborative educational environment that strengthens learning, offers flexibility and fosters students as lifelong learners.
* Program, course, and extended classroom availability vary by location.