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Communications Degree Program

Prepare To Start On The Path To A Career In Communications

The importance of effective communications in the workplace offers exciting opportunities for Communications graduates. Employers are on the lookout for qualified individuals with exceptional communications skills in the areas such as business communication and PR, technical writing and editing. No matter what path you choose, pursuing a DeVry University education in Communications can help ground you in the skills and competencies employers often look for, and provide a well-rounded education designed to translate into a meaningful career. Discover our Communications degree program.


Be Prepared For A Career in the Professional World


Nearly every industry hires Communications graduates for administrative, communication, consulting, and management positions, including:

  • Advertising and PR
  • Arts
  • Broadcasting
  • Community or public service
  • Environment
  • Entertainment
  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Non-profit
  • Publishing
  • Training and development

Be Prepared For A Career in the Professional World

DeVry University graduates in Communications will be prepared to enter their chosen field by being able to:

  • Communicate effectively, orally and in the written word
  • Relate effectively to people via public speaking, negotiating, interviewing, instructing, and writing
  • Write in a professional context for a variety of audiences
  • Understand and explain complex or niche information
  • Demonstrate familiarity with electronic publishing, computer software, graphics, web design, and multimedia presentations