Liberal Arts Careers

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Liberal arts covers a wide range of topics and disciplines, so there are many possibilities for careers with a liberal arts degree. At DeVry University, our programs include Bachelor’s Degrees in either communications or justice administration, with further specializations available in each. Discover how you can use these life-long skills and practices in a liberal arts career.

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Explore how to deliver important messages effectively, using a variety of techniques, at the individual, organizational and corporate levels. Communications careers include advertising copywriter, crisis and emergency communications specialist, and corporate communications specialist.  

Three communications professionals smile while having a discussion in a meeting
Five students sit in a classroom while a professor lectures about justice administration

Justice Administration

Find a role within this broad field by focusing on areas like public safety, emergency planning, corrections, border patrol and more. Justice Administration careers include investigations, public safety and emergency planning.

Digital Forensics

Apply technical and problem-solving skills to recover and analyze data to support law enforcement. Digital Forensics careers include police officer, forensics and electronic discovery manager, and private investigator.

A private investigator does research on his laptop
A homeland security investigator stands outside of his car while using his two-way digital radio

Homeland Security

Develop practical skills to serve the country in law enforcement or emergency management roles. Homeland Security careers include border patrol agent, investigator and police/patrol officer.


Learn to enforce laws at various levels, as well as patrol communities, solve crimes and more.  

Police officer kneels outside his car to give two children high fives

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