Trying to balance work, life and school? Read on for tips on how to stay ahead while managing your busy schedule.

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6 Tips to Manage School & Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially for students balancing school and life. Learn how to manage school and holiday stress so you can stay happy and healthy.

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Balancing Work and School: How DeVry student Marco Ruiz does it

Balancing work and school can seem challenging, but it's doable. See how DeVry University student, Marco Ruiz, balances work life, his education and family time with flexible learning.

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The Millennial Mindset: 6 Things to Know About Stackable Credentials

With growing student loan debt and trying to balance work/school, students are in search of a different path. Here’s what stackable credentials could do for you.

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Transferring Into A Degree: Got Credits?

Have you thought about completing your degree? DeVry alum, Jonathan Weinberger, shares his story about earning proficiency credits & utilizing transfer credits.

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Job Satisfaction: How to Make Work More Rewarding

Are you dreading the start of the workweek? Or wishing the workday away? Consider ways to improve your job satisfaction by changing how you think about work.

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Designing Success: Serena Nuccio

Serena Nuccio, a DeVry graduate, shares her story about finding happiness and success in her career.

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Motivated to Engage — and Succeed

Being engaged is useful both inside and outside of the classroom. See how DeVry is using technology to motivate students to engage and succeed.

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4 Ways Colleges are Helping Students Balance Work and School

With over half of all college students working & attending school, students are in a major time crunch. How are colleges helping students balance work & school?

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