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Can an MBA Help You with Your Veteran-Owned Business?

By DeVry University

August 31, 2022

7 min read

If you’ve been thinking about how an MBA can help you with your veteran-owned business, know that the skills you’ve developed during your time in service coupled with DeVry’s leadership-focused MBA program may help you complement your entrepreneurship.

An MBA is more than just a graduate degree, it’s a program that can help you develop important insights, expand and grow your people management and communication skills and help you get comfortable with the technology and analytics tools of the modern workplace.

Here is what we’ll cover in the following sections:

Benefits of Earning an MBA as a Veteran

When it comes to earning an MBA as a veteran, many of the organizational, leadership and people management skills might already be second nature. Still, earning your MBA can be helpful while you’re building your veteran-owned business, for these reasons:

  • Connections and networking: Earning an MBA can help you connect with your professors, who are likely experienced in the field, and your peers who may become important future contacts. Helping each other while you’re in the early stages can be another advantage of earning an MBA when building a veteran-owned business.

  • Business insight: There’s a lot that goes into starting a new venture. Earning an MBA can help you gain a better understanding of how to structure, run and grow your business within the market of your choice, as well as how to evaluate your competition and make your business stand out.

  • Higher-level credential: It never hurts to pursue higher education. An MBA can help demonstrate to future investors that you’ve taken the time to study and develop the insight and skills that can help set you up for success when it’s time to launch your business. 

What Entrepreneurship Skills are Covered in an MBA Program?

Because MBAs are designed to help you prepare to pursue higher-level or management roles after graduation, entrepreneurs often find these same skills essential when it comes to building their own businesses. Therefore, an MBA from DeVry will naturally feature the chance to develop many entrepreneurial skills, including:

  • Management theory: Gain insight into company-wide functions that are relevant to today’s business world and global economy.

  • Collaboration: Explore how to work within a team environment to overcome obstacles.

  • Problem-solving: Learn to read data and practice how to use it. You’ll also learn management principals to build creative solutions.

  • Technology: Use analytics tools and applications to address problems and the needs of your customers and stakeholders.

Can I Earn my MBA While Running My Veteran-Owned Business?

You sure can! At DeVry, we offer an MBA degree that you can earn in as little as two years and two months, or even more quickly with qualifying transfer credits1, or you can choose from 10 industry-focused specializations to help you tailor your education to your goals, and earn your degree in an estimated two years and eight months, or even more quickly with qualifying transfer credits1. Learn more about military tuition and grants.

Can I Earn my MBA Online?

You don’t have put your business to the side while you further your education. At DeVry, we make it our goal to help you earn your MBA on your schedule, taking care to help you find a plan that helps you pursue your education while working toward your goals.

All of our certificates and degree programs can be earned 100% online, including our MBA program, so you don’t have to worry about balancing your school schedule around work or family before growing your veteran-owned business. Whether you choose a full- or part-time schedule, or want to study online or through our hybrid model, we are here to help make going to college after the military or in active duty easier.

Earn Your MBA at DeVry

If you’re interested in honing your leadership skills and business acumen, check out our general MBA program, or explore our 10 MBA specializations. Our experienced and knowledgable staff are there to help you as you prepare to pursue a career in today’s tech-driven business world. Classes start every 8 weeks.

1Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.

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