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Stackable Credentials: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

By DeVry University

November 23, 2020
3 min read


You’ve made the decision to take the next step in your education, but you’re still deciding where to start. How can you work toward your future one step at a time? Thanks to the flexibility of online learning and the benefits of stackable credentials, you have the opportunity to set your own personalized education goals.

Stackable Infographic 11.17.20

Planning for Your Future

As you think about your next academic move, consider the following:

This is where stackable programs can come in handy. Whether you’re looking to pursue bigger career plans or gain the knowledge and skills needed to move in a new direction, having a flexible pathway to your goals is important.

What is a Stackable Program?

With stackable credentials, classes taken in one program stack directly into the next – giving you the opportunity to continue to build your education on your own time without losing any credits. This enables you to start with a more manageable commitment and work your way through your academic goals in a way that fits your life.

The benefits of stackable degree programs include:

  • The ability to start with a shorter program and lower initial costs.

  • No wasted credit hours.

  • The ability to advance your education at your own pace.

What is an Embedded Program?

With embedded credentials, you begin with your end goal in mind. For example, when you enroll in select bachelor’s degree programs you’ll automatically earn an applicable undergraduate certificate and associate degree once you’ve completed the appropriate courses.

The benefits of embedded degree programs include:

  • Earning credentials as you pursue a higher-level undergraduate degree.

  • No wasted credit hours.

  • Maintaining your momentum with consistent enrollment.

Build on a Personalized Education

For lifelong learners, professionals looking to advance or change their careers or students balancing life, family and work, a targeted approach can help you achieve your education goals on your schedule, without missing a beat. Some programs even include coursework to help you prepare for industry certifications, so you can hit the ground running after graduation.

Additional perks of stackable and embedded credentials can include:

  • No need to repeat courses or take classes that won’t apply toward a future DeVry degree.

  • More frequent milestones can motivate you to achieve future goals.

  • Add skills and credentials to your resume as you work toward higher-level degrees.

  • Pursue your long-term goals with a clear plan in place.

Take the Next Step Toward Your Future

A recent study showed that 42% of core skills required to do most jobs will, on average, change by 2022. A stackable approach to education can give you the opportunity to focus on continual skill development, helping you adapt and stay up-to-date in today's ever-changing business world.

Explore just a few of the pathways offered by DeVry University and our Keller Graduate School of Management:

Make Your Goals a Priority

Does an embedded or stackable credential sound like the right fit for you? Learn more about how online education works or contact us to explore your options.

1Credits earned in the Associate in Information Technology and Networking program can be applied towards a Bachelor's in Information Technology and Networking, Computer Information Systems, Engineering Technology or Software Development.

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