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Tech Is Driving Business in All Industries

Nowadays workers need a firm grasp on technology and a willingness to adapt as it changes. Here are some of the ways tech is supporting and driving business.

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Now Is the Time to Start Training Tomorrow’s Digital Workforce

In tomorrow's digital workforce, human & machine collaboration will create a hybrid workforce. How will managing this workforce differ from managing people alone?

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How to Address Gender-Based Training Gaps in the Workplace

With only 5% of Fortune 500 companies being led by women in 2018, gender-based training gaps are noticeable. What are companies doing to help close this gap?

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New Coding System Data Paints a Better Picture of the Patient

When the US switched to a new coding system, it allowed us to paint a better picture of the patient and made it important to actively work to improve billing.

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Are You Ready for the Rise of ‘Hybrid’ Jobs?

With technology reshaping the way we work, “hybrid” jobs are on the rise. And what's the secret to landing these jobs? Lifelong learning.

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Which IT Jobs Have yet to Be Invented?

As tech continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so do job opportunities. From AI technicians to data security professionals, which IT jobs have yet to be invented?

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Automation: Don't Panic!

With computer automation on the rise, the accounting career field is expected to take a big hit in coming years. What does this mean for those in the field?

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Disrupt Healthcare

As artificial intelligence advances, the healthcare experience is changing. Here are some of the larger ramifications of AI in the healthcare industry.

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How AI Will Drive Digital Transformation of Finance

As AI transforms finance into an analytics powerhouse, talent will need very different skills. Here are 5 ways digital transformation is altering the landscape.

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