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The Take-Home Internet of Things at DeVry

DeVry's IoT Kit puts real-world hardware in the hands of our students. Learn more about what's in the kit and how it fits into our technology curriculum.

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DeVry Tech Core Overhaul Aimed at Careers in IoT

The IoT has inspired a curriculum realignment of DeVry’s College of EIS. Tech Core helps students gain knowledge for careers related to tech innovations of today.

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Students First: Using Analytics to Get Big Results

Technology gives us opportunities to enrich the learning environment for students. See how DeVry is using analytics to keep students engaged in their learning.

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DeVry Students Hope for Big Gains with Super Bowl Internships

Prior to the 2019 Super Bowl, DeVry IT networking students filled 6 NFL internships that provided them with real world, experiential work and education.

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