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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Courses

No matter where your ambition is driving you, expanding your knowledge and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) should be top of mind. Embracing these topics can not only help you stand out as a more understanding, empathetic and accommodating leader, but the way you interact with colleagues and business partners can also play a critical role in organizational success. 

At DeVry, we offer a suite of diversity, equity and inclusion courses designed to help you break down perceptual, institutional and psychological barriers​ so you can close the opportunity gaps within your organization. 

Ready to make a difference in your workplace?

Show Your Commitment to DE&I with Exclusive Digital Badges

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Show employers and peers that you’re ready to make a difference in the workplace with our digital badges. Upon completion of qualifying DE&I courses at DeVry, you will receive a digital badge via email to display on your LinkedIn profile, resume or anywhere you choose! Associate degree seeking students can earn up to three badges and bachelor’s students may earn up to six.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Courses

As a DeVry associate or bachelor’s degree student, you may have the option to complete DE&I courses as alternatives to required communications, humanities or social science courses​. Course options vary by program, so be sure to speak with your Academic Advisor for more information. Courses can also be taken individually. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace (ETHC334)

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  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Badge: Workplace Diversity
  • Prerequisites: BUSN115, ENGL108 or ENGL112

Understand diversity and diverse populations in professional practice by exploring ethical principles, social responsibility, legal and regulatory requirements and professional codes of conduct. You’ll develop a clear perspective on the role of DE&I in the workplace and gain a sense of ethical accountability. General principles are applied to professional examples such as business management, client engagement and health information technology.

Multi-Ethnic Humanities (HUMN304)

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  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Badge: Multi-Cultural Appreciation
  • Prerequisites: ENGL135 or ENGL136
  • Explore vital areas of the humanities through traditionally under-represented groups, regions and cultures. You’ll analyze and evaluate cultural products including visual and performing arts, literature, history and philosophy to develop connections among these works and their historical, cultural and philosophical contexts. Discussions, writing and research activities will help prepare you for advanced awareness and cultural curiosity in a global society.

Technology, Society, and Culture (LAS432)

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  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Badge: Global Awareness
  • Prerequisites: Successful completion of 89 semester-credit hours and all general education requirements except courses with the prefix CARD, and permission from the appropriate academic administrator.

In this capstone course, you’ll explore the relationship between society and technology while connecting your findings to prior learnings in your previous coursework. You’ll identify conditions that have promoted technological development and assess the social, political, environmental, cultural and economic effects of current technology. This course must be taken at DeVry.

Culture and Society (SOCS185)

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  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Badge: Cultural Inclusion
  • Prerequisites: None.

Explore the role of culture in social organizations. You’ll analyze social institutions and the issues of race and gender within social structures in the context of multicultural societies and increasing global interaction. Basic sociological principles and research findings will be used to support your analysis of cultural and social issues.

Cultural Diversity in the Professions (SOCS350)

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  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Badge: Diversity and Leadership
  • Prerequisites: SOCS185

Immerse yourself in cross-cultural issues and diversity through experiential learning to help create a positive foundation for understanding and working effectively with others. You’ll discuss cultural issues including the values, beliefs and practices that affect individuals, groups and communities and examine case studies as they relate to the workplace and professional practice. 

Intercultural Communication (SPCH276)

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  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Badge: Diverse Communication
  • Prerequisites: ENGL108, ENGL112 or ENGL113

Gain a foundation in the basic elements of effective intercultural communication by learning about cultural awareness, language, delivery and nonverbal communication strategies for diverse populations. Apply your learnings to real-world scenarios through a series of communication exercises in a variety of rhetorical contexts.  


Why should I take a DE&I class?

DE&I classes can help you learn and grow as an individual and a professional. Our courses have been designed to help you understand the importance of DE&I in the workplace, learn how to avoid unconscious bias in the workplace, understand DE&I best practices and more. 

Do diversity, equity and inclusion courses earn college credit?

Yes, just like all of our courses here at DeVry and our Keller Graduate School of Management, you will be awarded college credit after you successfully complete each DE&I course. 

Are diversity, equity and inclusion classes only for managers?

Diversity, equity and inclusion classes are for anyone! Whether you manage a team or work independently, learning more about diversity, equity and inclusion can help you contribute to more balanced and unbiased workplace.

Are DE&I badges important?

DE&I badges are a great way to show employers and peers that you value diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and you are committed to making a difference in your workplace and community.

How many DE&I badges can I earn?

As many as you want! In fact, students who earn all 6 of our DE&I badges will be awarded an e-certificate to highlight your accomplishment.