Hiring managers share tips

Hiring Managers Share Insider Tips to Help You Get Hired

By DeVry University

When applying for jobs, many candidates have trouble cracking the code on what exactly hiring managers are seeking. According to the fourth annual DeVry University Job Preparedness Indicator, to fill open positions across employment levels, hiring managers are looking for the right combination of job skills paired with specific traits. DeVry’s Career Advisory Board surveyed 524 hiring managers responsible for screening post-college-level applicants and making hiring decisions. Following are six key tips to help identify and harness the best approach to finding job opportunities that fit your skills and traits.


Get Prepared:

ŸŸŸŸŸŸŸŸŸ- Seek specialized certifications in your industry to enhance your skills
One-quarter of hiring managers are “very” or “extremely” likely to consider micro-credentials – specialized certifications from reputable education or business institutions – as proof of skill mastery.

- Demonstrate effective written and verbal skills
Solid communication abilities are among the most desired skills for entry- and mid-level employees. Make sure you’re using proper grammar and spelling, and writing clearly, in all application materials.

Find the Right Opportunity:

- Focus your search on nearby cities
Despite globalization, 75% of hiring managers aren’t willing to relocate candidates, so stay local when you can.

- Be open to opportunities to advance internally
A fourth of hiring managers surveyed are more likely to hire from within their organizations, as “growing their own” is a solution they prefer.

Master the Interview:

- Know the skills employers seek, and speak to those you have.
Hiring managers said integrity, a strong work ethic, accountability, self-motivation and strong interpersonal ability are the most critical attributes for entry-level candidates. Showcase these where you can!

- Highlight your problem-solving skills.
Problem-solving abilities are a differentiator; applicants who share how they’ll apply their knowledge and experience to contribute to the organization’s bottom line have an advantage.


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