Tuition Reimbursement FAQ

Tuition Reimbursement FAQ

Explore Education with Employer Support

Continuing your education may have positive benefits towards career success. We know the cost of tuition and other educational expenses can be challenging for many students. This is where tuition reimbursement programs can provide a valuable solution. 

Turn Educational Development into Career Development with Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement programs are benefits offered by employers to help their employees cover the costs of college. These programs typically involve the employer reimbursing the employee for a portion or all of the tuition and fees associated with courses taken at an accredited institution. The specific details of tuition reimbursement programs can vary depending on the employer, but they generally offer a great opportunity for students to receive financial assistance while pursuing their education. 

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs as a benefit to their employees. Eligibility requirements can vary, but typically, employees must work a certain number of hours or have been with the company for a specific amount of time to be eligible. Additionally, most tuition reimbursement programs require that employees pursue coursework in an area related to the company's field or industry.

The benefits of tuition reimbursement programs are many, and they can be a great way for students to ease financial stress while pursuing their education. In addition to receiving financial assistance, students who participate in tuition reimbursement programs could enjoy job security since they are more likely to remain employed by the company that provided the benefit. 

Moreover, tuition reimbursement programs can help students achieve academic success with less overall debt burden and more earning potential. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a Bachelor’s degree earn, on average, 60% more per week than those with only a high school diploma and graduates with a Master’s degree earn nearly double the amount of high school grads.

Aside from financial benefits, tuition reimbursement programs can also offer career development opportunities. Many programs require that students pursue coursework related to their field, which can help them gain new skills and knowledge they can use in their current positions. Furthermore, having additional education and experience may help make students stand out in the job market and may increase their chances of advancing within their current company. According to Forbes, employers are placing a premium on candidates committed to professional development, continuous learning and upskilling to address rapidly evolving technology, changing industry dynamics and increasing demands for specialized skills. 

As you continue your career and look to upskill, tuition reimbursement programs can provide a valuable opportunity to limit the financial costs your education may have on you. If you are considering pursuing additional education, it's important to research the tuition reimbursement programs offered by your employer or potential employers. Taking advantage of these programs can help you achieve academic success with less financial stress, provide job security, and offer career development opportunities that can benefit you both now and in the future.

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Looking to save on your tuition?

Leverage Your Employer’s Tuition Benefits

We support our learners' ambition to succeed and are committed to helping put higher education within reach. Through special partnerships with forward-thinking companies, you may be eligible to earn your undergraduate or graduate degree or certificate with low-to-no tuition debt, from our accredited university*, giving you the edge you’re looking for. If you’re currently employed, consider utilizing your employer’s tuition benefits, including tuition reimbursement and tuition assistance, to help you get closer to achieving your developmental goals more affordably.  

Explore Scholarships and Grants Opportunities

Did you know that unlike loans, scholarships and grants generally do not have to be repaid? At DeVry we are proud to offer a variety of funding options to help make higher education more affordable. From tech to business and beyond, we offer scholarships and grants for college that may help you pay for educational costs. Scholarships and grants can go beyond just benefiting you – eligible family members of DeVry and Keller alumni may receive tuition savings as well.


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    1Student loans, grants and scholarships are available to those who apply and qualify. 

    2Students may participate in only one DeVry University-based scholarship, grant or group tuition benefit program at a time. Those who qualify for more than one program will be presumed to accept the program with the highest reduction in by- session cost. Students who qualify for and prefer a different tuition benefit program must confirm, in writing, the alternate program in which they wish to participate prior to starting classes at DeVry. Scholarship and grant terms and eligibility conditions are subject to change. Scholarships are available to those who apply and qualify. Click here (link to scholarship page) for more information.

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