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How Online College Advisors Support Students

By DeVry University

April 29, 2022
3 min read

You shouldn't have to navigate your education alone. A college advisor or representative may help you answer questions about course scheduling, give you program and financial aid information as well as help you track your progress and figure out the next step of your educational journey.

If you've been wondering how to get in touch with a college advisor, or just have general questions about how they work with you throughout your program, read on for answers to the following questions:

Is an Admissions Representative Different from an Online College Advisor?

Yes, an admissions representative is different from an online college advisor. An admissions representative helps students through the enrollment process while an advisor supports you once you are already enrolled.

At DeVry, the first person you'll connect with will likely be an Admissions Representative. They will help you with your enrollment process and explore our programs with you to help you find one that fits your goals.

Once you've enrolled and have embarked on your academic journey, you'll be put in contact with a Student Support Advisor. They can answer any ongoing questions you have about your academic requirements and can also help with class enrollment.

When Do I Talk with a College Advisor?

In truth, there's no wrong time to speak to a college advisor or representative. Any time that you need advice on which classes you should take, how many courses you should enroll in or anything else regarding your college education is a great time to reach out to them.

Some of the reasons that students talk to their college advisors and representatives include:

    • Help with enrollment
    • Access to student resources
    • Help with administrative services
    • Help understanding financial aid
    • Career planning
    • Selecting courses
    • Checking progress toward graduation

Of course, those aren't the only reasons to speak to a college student advisor. Whenever you're feeling confused about your next steps, you should feel free to reach out to them for guidance. And the sooner you connect, the easier it may be to get the answers you need to move forward with your education.

How Do I Talk to a College Student Advisor?

At DeVry, it's easy to speak with an advisor or representative. If you are a prospective student, you can request more information to be connected with our Admissions Team.

We also have a variety of online resources available to answer any other questions you might have. Check out our student services and career services pages for more information about how we support our students both during school and beyond.

How Do I Enroll in Online Classes?

When you first decide on a program at DeVry, you'll speak with an Admissions Representative about your background and academic goals to create an individualized plan. To enroll in classes for the first time, you’ll work with your Student Support Advisor to lock in the courses you wish to take and make any modifications to your overall plan.

Once you've been enrolled in your first courses with your advisor, you’ll be able to enroll in any future courses on your own.

Receive the Support You Need at DeVry

At DeVry, our Student Support Advisors and Admissions Representatives are here to help you work toward your goals. Feel free to reach out to your assigned advisor whenever you need to, knowing that they’re there to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through your education journey every step of the way.

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