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  • Learn about Medical Billing and Coding

    Learn about medical billing and coding. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know before pursuing a career in this growing health profession.

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  • DeVry Updates
    5 min read

    Embedded and Stackable Credentials: An Innovative Approach to Learning

    Interested in growing your resume? Embedded & stackable credentials in higher education can help. Read about this unique approach to lifelong learning at DeVry.

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  • 10 Strange ICD-10 Codes for 2021 [Infographic]

    Medical billing codes help describe diagnoses and procedures. Explore some of our favorite funny and strange ICD-10 codes in this infographic from DeVry.

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  • Healthcare Business Jobs: Pursue a Path in Healthcare Management

    Interested in healthcare business jobs? Get started by exploring healthcare administration and healthcare management career paths and degree options.

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  • Health Information Technology: Explore the World of Healthcare IT

    What is health information technology and is it the right field for you? Learn more about the job tasks, goals and education requirements for this profession.

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  • Considering a Medical Billing and Coding Career? Start Here [infographic]

    Considering a medical billing career or medical coding career? Learn about job tasks, processes & education with this medical billing & coding career infographic.

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  • The Next Level of Machine Learning and AI in Healthcare Careers

    Machine learning & AI are changing healthcare. Drs. Bob Arnot & Shantanu Bose discuss the use of these tools & getting started on the data side of healthcare.

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  • 5 Exam Prep Tips to Help You Earn Your RHIT Certification

    Preparing for the RHIT Certification exam? Professor Gregory Zaleski shares 5 RHIT exam prep tips to help you get on the path to success.

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  • What Healthcare Industry Growth Means for IT Professionals and Medical Coders

    Learn how the use of automation within the healthcare industry along with a growing demand for health services will impact IT professionals and medical coders.

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  • Water-Skis Caught on Fire? There’s a Code For That

    There seems to be a medical code for everything. Water-skis catch on fire? Broken heart? There's a code for that! Watch this short video of our favorites.

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  • 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Disrupt Healthcare

    As artificial intelligence advances, the healthcare experience is changing. Here are some of the larger ramifications of AI in the healthcare industry.

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  • New Coding System Data Paints a Better Picture of the Patient

    When the US switched to a new coding system, it allowed us to paint a better picture of the patient and made it important to actively work to improve billing.

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  • Tech Is Driving Business in All Industries

    Nowadays workers need a firm grasp on technology and a willingness to adapt as it changes. Here are some of the ways tech is supporting and driving business.

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