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New Coding System Data Paints a Better Picture of the Patient

When the US switched to a new coding system, it allowed us to paint a better picture of the patient and made it important to actively work to improve billing.

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The Millennial Mindset: 6 Things to Know About Stackable Credentials

With growing student loan debt and trying to balance work/school, students are in search of a different path. Here’s what stackable credentials could do for you.

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Disrupt Healthcare

As artificial intelligence advances, the healthcare experience is changing. Here are some of the larger ramifications of AI in the healthcare industry.

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Water-Skis Caught on Fire? There’s a Code For That

There seems to be a medical code for everything. Water-skis catch on fire? Broken heart? There's a code for that! Watch this short video of our favorites.

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4 Ways Colleges are Helping Students Balance Work and School

With over half of all college students working & attending school, students are in a major time crunch. How are colleges helping students balance work & school?

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Career Advice From One of Pharma’s Top Female Leaders

Christi Shaw of Lilly Bio-Medicines offers career advice she wished she had received when she was younger. What words of wisdom does she have for you?

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