Machine Learning Tools and Platforms for the Healthcare Industry

If you are interested in pursuing a new career or wanting to acquire a new skill-set, you can use this video as a guiding point. In this skills-video, Dr. Arnot covers what Machine Learning is and how the healthcare industry uses it. Additionally, he provides real-world examples that you can use as a starting point when discussing machine learning with colleagues. For more technology-related videos visit our courses page.

This skill-building video is designed for those who are looking to learn more about machine learning tools utilized in healthcare.

Video Details:

LENGTH: 1 hour and 7 minutes

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Tools and Platforms for Machine Learning in Healthcare Video

What You'll Learn

Dr. Arnot provides an overview of machine learning in healthcare by discussing critical machine learning tools and platforms, while providing real-world examples of how these tools are utilized in the healthcare industry.

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About Dr. Bob Arnot

Dr. Arnot, a physician, humanitarian and network news correspondent, has covered epidemics for decades, from Ebola in Uganda to Cholera during the Rwandan genocide. He recently studied the Coronavirus pandemic in a DeVry University sponsored series, which you can view here: Understanding COVID-19 Video Series: A Look at the Worldwide Pandemic.

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