Hospitality Management Careers

Using Business to Deliver Great Service and Customer Experiences

If you are interested in travel, food or entertainment, a hospitality management degree can help you reach your goals. From working in a casino to owning a restaurant, business knowledge in the hospitality industry can help you find success in any location.

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Professional Responsibilities

Earning your degree and specializing in hospitality management can make you ready for the hospitality industry. As a professional, your responsibilities could include:

  • Training, scheduling and supervising staff
  • Scheduling, planning and purchasing supplies and equipment for daily use and for specific events
  • Managing reservation systems
  • Resolving customer problems and handling emergencies


Hospitality management careers can be found in many industries, including:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Gaming and entertainment venues
  • Restaurants and banquet facilities
  • Cruise ships
  • Schools
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Businesses

Career Opportunities

DeVry University graduates who focused on hospitality management may be prepared for careers in:

  • Tourism operations management
  • Casino operations management
  • Hotel and restaurant operations management