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Hospitality Management Careers

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Using Business to Deliver Great Service and Customer Experiences

If you are interested in travel, food or entertainment, a hospitality management degree can help you reach your goals. From working in a casino to owning a restaurant, business knowledge in the hospitality industry can help you find success in any location.

About this Program

Get to Know Hospitality Management Careers

Professional Responsibilities

Earning your degree and specializing in hospitality management can make you ready for the hospitality industry. As a professional, your responsibilities could include:

Training, scheduling and supervising staff

Scheduling, planning and purchasing supplies and equipment for daily use and for specific events

Managing reservation systems

Resolving customer problems and handling emergencies


Hospitality management careers can be found in many industries, including:

Hotels and resorts

Gaming and entertainment venues

Restaurants and banquet facilities

Cruise ships


Healthcare organizations


Career Opportunities

DeVry University graduates who focused on hospitality management may be prepared for careers in:

Tourism operations management

Casino operations management

Hotel and restaurant operations management