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In addition to scholarships or grants offered by DeVry University, you may also qualify for scholarships or grants from outside organizations.

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Our easy-to-use scholarship search tool will help you find scholarships that might be a good fit for you depending on your background, financial position, special interests or other unique criteria.

The first step is to answer a few questions about yourself and the degree you are seeking. Based on the information you provide scholarship opportunities will be matched to your profile. No information will be stored or used by DeVry University for any purpose.

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The DeVry University Scholarship Search Tool is provided solely for the convenience of DeVry University students or prospective students. The database of scholarships and eligibility requirements are compiled and updated continually by an independent company. DeVry University does not review or warrant the accuracy of scholarship information found in the database. Individuals using this search tool should exercise caution and due diligence when assessing the appropriateness of scholarships identified. In general, individuals should not pay a fee to apply for a scholarship, and should review the sponsoring organization's privacy policy before supplying personal information. If you have any reason to suspect or worry that a particular scholarship is being misrepresented or is fraudulent, do not apply.

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