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Medical Billing & Coding Certificate Program

Medical Billing and Coding Undergraduate Certificates

Our Medical Billing and Coding – Health Information Coding program can help position you to be more competitive in a growing field.1

Medical billing and coding professionals play an important role in the healthcare industry today. As the healthcare system strives to provide more efficient and effective care, the use of electronic medical records (EMRs) is an integral part of that effort.

With DeVry’s Medical Billing and Coding certificate programs, you can prepare for entry-level coding positions. If you are new to the health-coding world, our Medical Billing and Coding certificate can help get you started. If you have any previous coursework or experience, our Medical Billing and Coding – Health Information Coding certificate can help prepare you for more advanced entry-level positions.

AHIMA Virtual Lab

In our Medical Billing and Coding online courses, you’ll get hands-on experience working in AHIMA’s VLab – an internet-based, virtual lab environment that gives students experience with real-world medical records.

1 While some employers may not require this level of education, it can help better prepare you for the responsibilities of this role. Employment is not guaranteed and some occupations may require years of relevant experience.

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2 Eligible students who register for and complete the exams may be reimbursed for one exam sitting.
3 See the AHIMA website for complete certification eligibility requirements

Why Are Certificates Important?

The CCA and CCS certifications are nationally recognized credentials that can better position you for opportunities in the health field. Passing the CCA exam helps candidates separate themselves from non-credentialed health coders and passing the CCS exam helps candidates distinguish themselves from other certified coders and demonstrate a mastery of coding proficiency.

Program Coursework

The Medical Billing and Coding certificate programs may include these courses:

Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab


Introduction to Health Services

Current Procedural Terminology Coding with Lab

Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab

This course provides a “road map” perspective of human body structure and function. Topics include cell structure and function, and a survey of all major systems of the human body. The connections and inter-working relationships among systems are introduced. Lab work includes computer exercises and simulation activities, as well as observation related to topics covered.


This course combines the study of common human diseases and corresponding drug therapies used in their treatment. Students can explore the fundamental concepts of the disease process, while also integrating basic pharmacology concepts and drug therapies associated with treatment of common pathologies. Emphasis is placed on disease etiology, sights and symptoms, and diagnostic measures, as well as dosage, actions and administration routes.

Introduction to Health Services

This course covers history, organization and current issues in the U.S. healthcare delivery system. Interrelationships among system components and care providers are explored. Licensing, accrediting and regulatory compliance activities are discussed, as are the importance of financial and quality management, safety and security, and the role of health information professionals. The evolution, major application types and emerging trends in health information systems are explored.

Current Procedural Terminology Coding with Lab

Knowledge of clinical classification systems is expanded through presentation of principles of current procedural terminology (CPT-4 or most current version), used to code procedures performed by healthcare providers. Through practice exercises, students assign procedure codes and apply guidelines for assignment of evaluation and management (E/M) codes and modifiers to case examples. The purpose and use of the healthcare common procedure coding system (HCPCS) are reviewed. Application of coding principles to an electronic record system is explored.

Program Details

Institutional Accreditation

Conveniently offered online

Institutional Accreditation

DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC),

Conveniently offered online

We offer online education options at the bachelor's degree and undergraduate certificate levels, with the same quality education you’d receive on campus.

Why Get Started at DeVry?

Whether you are looking to get started in healthcare as a medical biller or coder, or if you plan to eventually pursue a bachelor's degree, our Medical Billing and Coding certificate programs can be the first step:

  • Use Medical Billing and Coding as a stepping stone to a more advanced opportunities
  • DeVry University offers the flexibility of online courses
  • Our team of career services professionals at DeVry University consistently engages with employers to help our graduates with their career search
  • DeVry University is committed to offer you the highest quality of education and student care to help ensure the successful completion of your program

Tech-Infused MBC


Our Medical Billing and Coding certificates are TechPath programs, which means we’ve infused technology into the courses to help you gain the applied tech skills that are crucial in today’s tech-centric world of modern business. With TechPath, you’ll work in our internet-based virtual lab environment – AHIMA’s VLab – an experiential, hands-on learning platform.

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online.