Information Systems Programming Specialization

Information Systems and Programming Degree Specialization

If you want to develop software applications and programs that businesses and consumers use every day, this may be the specialization for you. In our Information Systems and Programming specialization, you’ll learn the skills to write code, produce software programs and develop apps using industry-recognized programming languages. 


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$497/Credit Hour

Program Coursework

With our Tech Core curriculum, you’ll get hands-on learning and develop skills across Engineering Technology, Information Technology and Software and Information Systems, giving you a solid foundation in technology to move your career forward. When you specialize your Information Technology and Networking associate degree in Information Systems and Programming, your coursework at DeVry University may include these courses:

Database Systems and Programming Fundamentals

Programming with Lab

Object-Oriented Programming with Lab

Database Systems and Programming Fundamentals

This course explores universal aspects of database systems that are common across programming languages, operating systems, or application types. Systems reviewed range from personal device and desktop databases to large-scale, distributed database servers. Classic relational databases to modern data warehouses are presented. Topics covered are library creation, primary key selection, column identification, defining relationships, normalization, data indexing and storage, and query languages. Students code and execute programs and routines that create, insert, update, and delete data.

Programming with Lab

This course introduces basics of coding programs from program specifications, including use of an integrated development environment (IDE), language syntax, as well as debugger tools and techniques. Students also learn to develop programs that manipulate simple data structures such as arrays, as well as different types of files. C++.Net is the primary programming language used.

Object-Oriented Programming with Lab

This course introduces object-oriented programming concepts including objects, classes, encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance. Using an object-oriented programming language students design, code, test and document business-oriented programs. C++. Net is the primary programming language used.

1 As part of this program, one complimentary laptop is provided to students enrolled in the Associate of Information Technology and Networking, Bachelor’s of Information Technology and Networking, Bachelor’s of Software Development, Bachelor’s of Electronics Engineering Technology/Engineering Technology – Electronics and Bachelor’s of Computer Information Systems. The laptop is issued during the student’s second session. Certain restrictions apply.

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online.