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15 Holiday Gift Ideas for Online College Students [Infographic]

By DeVry University

December 17, 2020
3 min read

Finding the perfect gift for anyone on your list can be challenging—but what about a busy online college students? Whether they’re balancing their studies with work, family or other personal commitments, there are many options to choose from.

From tech gadgets to convenient subscription services, read on for some fun and practical holiday gift ideas they will be sure to appreciate!


Holiday Gifts Ideas for Online College Students:

1. Coffee… Delivered

It’s been said that there’s a subscription service for everything these days, and coffee is no exception. Help perk up your recipient with a fresh variety of coffee blends shipped regularly throughout the year.


2. Restaurant Gift Cards

Takeout is not only a great gift for busy college students, but it can also be an opportunity for you to support local restaurants in your community – that’s a win-win!


3. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Available in a variety of styles and wide range of price points, noise-cancelling headphones are often a go-to gift for students.


4. University Gear

Help online college students represent their school with apparel or gifts featuring their university’s logo. Many colleges even have online stores for easy ordering!


5. Home Office Supplies

Whether you choose a trendy planner, compact fan or functional desk organizer, home office supplies are a great option for students who like – or need – to stay organized.


6. On-The-Go Gifts

For students who like to study on the go, consider gifts such as a portable charger, Bluetooth speaker or trendy backpack.


7. Smart Alarm Clock

Help students prepare to seize the day with a smart alarm clock packed with features such as a wake-up light, Bluetooth speaker and more.


8. Laptop

If it’s in your budget, a new laptop can be the ultimate gift for online college students. Don’t forget to research brands and features to ensure you get one that will meet their needs.


9. Virtual Assistant Devices

Tech-driven devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home can help students manage tasks on a whim with simple voice commands.


10. Weighted Blanket

After a long day of studying, working and managing personal or family to-dos, a weighted blanket can help offer the gift of a good night’s rest.


11. Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery services are a great way to cut down on grocery shopping and planning, while still enjoying a home-cooked meal – and they might even learn some new cooking skills along the way.


12. Health & Fitness Gifts

Help busy students stay on track toward their wellness goals with a fitness tracker, high-speed smoothie blender, athleticwear or a Wi-Fi-enabled scale.


13. Professional Clothes & Accessories

If the recipient has job interviews approaching, consider items that might help them refresh their professional wardrobe, such as a blazer, tie, necklace or watch.


14. Annual Memberships & Subscriptions

Think about the student’s lifestyle and needs and consider a membership that they’ll find useful. Amazon PrimeCostcoSpotify and Zoom are all options they may benefit from.


15. Gift Baskets

When you can’t decide on just one item, gift baskets can be a great solution. Fill it up with small items like candles, fuzzy socks, snacks, a cozy throw blanket or a mix of all the holiday gift ideas above!

Did You Know?

DeVry University has been teaching online classes for more than 20 years. Our programs are designed to help meet the needs of busy, working adult students.

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