Flexible scheduling can make all the difference

By Sean Ostruszka

Matthew Kobler always wanted to do something with computers. That’s what originally drove him toward getting his degree. Unfortunately, his initial attempt ended up doing more harm than good.

You see, Kobler has a rare immune disease. It’s manageable, but it requires many appointments and great diligence. That didn’t bode well for his initial college experience, which required him to visit his campus four or five days a week. The strain eventually took its toll on his health, and he was forced to drop out.

While he physically had to put his career dreams on hold, he never gave up mentally. It was just a matter of finding a college experience that worked better with his schedule, like one that was primarily online.

“My cousin graduated from DeVry, so I looked into it,” Kobler says. “I met with people at the Addison [Illinois] campus and talked to a representative on the phone about my medical history. Once I found out more about the instructors and flexibility, I wanted to come [to DeVry] more than anything.”

Kobler hasn’t looked back, pursuing a degree in computer programing, all the while working with his advisor regularly.

“[My advisor] reaches out to me more often because she knows there are some things that I’m working through,” Kobler says. “She’s able to help me set up my classes for next sessions and make sure that they’re virtual classes, or if I have to come on campus, it’s only once or twice a week.”

“Computers and technology have always intrigued me; taking something simple and advancing it. The field I want to get into, technology, is advancing every day. So to have a school that is more focused on what I want that works with me has been great.”

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