Virtual Reality

Tech Playgrounds: Getting Hands-On

By DeVry University

It’s one thing to read about the technology helping shape the world of modern business – it’s another to experience it up close and personal.

Though technology has been “who we are” since our founding in 1931, earlier this year, DeVry upped the technology ante when it introduced a new way for students and alumni to interact with leading-edge technology: Tech Playgrounds. Located on campuses in Manhattan, N.Y.; Columbus, Ohio; and Addison, Ill., the Playgrounds are helping expand horizons by putting all “players” face-to-face with thought-provoking technology in imaginative, hands-on settings.

So what’s inside a Tech Playground? Click below to take a quick virtual tour, and then read on to learn more.

Xideation Lab
At the Addison campus Xideation Lab, visitors get the full playground experience, broken into four zones showcasing different technologies.

  • In the Smart Robotics zone, students and alumni can say ‘hello’ to an Anki Cozmo® robot and tinker with Raspberry Pi™ kits.
  • Visitors can interact with smart home technology, like Amazon’s Alexa, in zone 2, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.
  • In zone 3, GEO, 3D Flight View and Street View help showcase the world differently with Google™ 3D and 360 video.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) comes to life in zone 4, where visitors are immersed into the world of VR and can experience simulated gaming and tourism.

Tech Studio
In Columbus, students are flocking to the Tech Studio. “Students use the space and technology to have a good time and to complete homework and projects,” said Dean Marilyn Wiggam. “Recently, our IEEE [Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers] student club held a programming workshop at the Studio and loved it!”

The Studio has already drawn hundreds of visitors, and more students will be visiting with their classes in the months to come. And with innovative technology, including Microsoft® Surface Pro hardware and VR, there’s something for everyone to explore.

Tech Lab
The Manhattan Tech Lab is wowing visitors with humanoid robotic technology, VR and a Lynxmotion HQuad500 Drone. But it’s the 3D printers that have stolen the show. According to Faculty Chair Jeevan D’Souza, “Tech Lab visitors love creating designs and seeing them produced live in the lab.”

Innovative technology is fostering creative solutions to complex problems in diverse industries, and DeVry is pleased to offer students the chance to experience this technology hands-on. “At DeVry, we want education to be both fun and high-tech,” said D’Souza. “Our Playgrounds help put technology to work, and play, for all.”

Tech at Play at DVU’s Tech Playgrounds

3D Printing
3D printing technology gives users the chance to bring objects to life before their eyes; in some cases, on a very large scale. In 2016, China-based construction company HuaShang Tengda 3D printed a two-story villa strong enough to withstand an 8.0 Richter scale earthquake.1

Virtual Reality
VR headset technology lets users travel through time and space, immerse themselves in alternate universes and even connect with friends in real-time virtual environments. The VR industry is booming… statistical analysis firm Statista projects yearly VR product revenue to increase from $90 million in 2014 to $5.2 billion in 2018.2

Smart Robotics
Smart robotic technology like Anki Cozmo helps visitors discover the broad applications of robotics in diverse industries. Plus, these little guys are a ton of fun – Cozmo’s personality actually evolves based on interactions with human companions.

Today, drones are everywhere, whether delivering orders from online retailers or gathering atmospheric data for storm-chasers. At the Tech Lab in New York, students can now get a taste of airborne robotics by captaining a Lynxmotion HQuad500 Drone.

Smart Home Automation
Personal assistant technology like Google Allo and Amazon Alexa are making artificial intelligence accessible, changing the way humans interact with their environments. In Addison, visitors can even alter the Xideation lab’s atmospherics by instructing Alexa to do so.

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