What The Future Holds

What Does The Future Hold?

By DeVry University

"Regardless of what a student's major is, they need to minor, either officially or unofficially, in tech," says DeVry University President Rob Paul.

Paul's words are one of many ways educators can work toward closing the tech skills gap between companies and employees. Learn more about what DeVry and other educators are doing, as well as a key insight from Randi Zuckerberg on the importance of getting people started in tech at a young age.

For an even more in-depth view, watch the full SXSW panel discussion.

Doesn't matter what the student's major is, they need to minor in tech. Tech path is the integration of these concepts through people, process, data, and devices. Have a foundation of skills that's valuable to employer. Get women and girls excited about tech at a young age.