Google's "New Normal"

By DeVry University

Imagine using a map app to help you find where hammers are located at the hardware store, using your phone to not only book a hotel room but also as your room key, or test-driving cars without leaving your living room. These aren't behaviors of the future, they're happening as we speak. In fact, according to Google's Vice President of U.S. Sales and Service, Jim Lecinski, these behaviors are the "new normal" for consumers. Which means, digital marketers have to adjust how, when and where they target like never before, while using technology to its fullest.

Lecinski recently explained this and more during DeVry University's National Speaker Series, focusing on the opportunities presented by technical innovations, and how businesses can incorporate them to effectively create, market and grow their brands in the digital-first world.

Watch the replay of this thought-provoking and insightful talk below.