Server Room

Student Experience Powered by Tech at DeVry

By DeVry University

In fields ranging from healthcare to software development, today’s business professionals operate in a digital mesh of people, process, data and devices, using technology to solve complex business problems.

At DeVry University, we believe an education should mirror the modern business world, so students can get their hands on innovative technology in an environment they might soon be seeing in the workplace. And our IT and academics teams have been helping make that vision a reality.

From our tech playgrounds at select campuses, to cloud-based communication tools, to expanded 24/7 help desk availability, investments in tech at DeVry continue. All with an aim of enhancing the student experience in on-campus and online. 

On Campus

  • Connected classroom technology expansion to more campuses, bringing students and faculty from around the country face-to-face through wireless remote video, content sharing and interactive white boards.
  • Tech playgrounds at select campus locations throughout the country, putting students in touch with innovative technology in imaginative settings.
  • Hardware and software upgrades, including adding thousands of new computers in campuses nationwide, to revitalize our desktop stations and network labs.
  • Internet bandwidth increases to improve wireless capabilities and provide a faster, more seamless learning experience.


  • Innovative video software, providing professors with visual platforms to demonstrate solving complex problems.
  • Synchronous remote meeting rooms, allowing students from across the country to collaborate with peers and professors in real-time, virtual environments.
  • Cloud-based communication tools designed to enrich threaded discussions by allowing students to upload engaging audio-visual comments as opposed to just text.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) improvements to seamlessly integrate our new academic tools in a single, dynamic learning platform for our students.
  • DeVry mobile app upgrades, including increased personalization and alert notification capabilities, offering students agile tools that directly mirror the desktop portal experience.

Tech Support

  • Expanded chat and user self-service capabilities to empower students to resolve their issues themselves, without having to pick up the phone.
  • Expanded Help Desk availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) to ensure our students have tech support whenever they need it.
  • Community support resources, putting tools at students’ fingertips to self-source answers to their tech issues and share their findings with their peers.

By investing in our infrastructure, DeVry is laying the building blocks for further advancements in technology both in and out of the classroom.  As Stortz says: “Our goal is to provide a relevant, modern tech experience for all of our students, whether on campus or online.  The investments we’re making will further strengthen our foundation to do just that.”

The result will be a DeVry experience transformed, one that illuminates the powerful role technology plays in education, and modern business, for all of our students.