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Offering More than Just Education

Did you know your university partners with employers to help them retain and attract talent grow their workforces and provide their employees with professional development opportunities through tailored learning solutions and skills-gap training? DeVry’s workforce solutions team – DeVryWORKS – has a history of providing solutions to meet the business needs of education partners.

Customized Learning Solution – Rite Aid

In 2012, Rite Aid, one of the nation’s leading retail pharmacy chains, needed solutions to build retention of its workforce. It wanted associates to grow in their roles, and helping support their education goals was one way to do so. In a collaborative effort, DeVryWORKS developed a degree program tailored to the education needs of Rite Aid associates allowing them to earn an associate in applied science degree in business with a retail management track.

“The tailored degree program developed with DeVry University is designed to allow our employees to better understand retail management and its application to the real world,” said Rite Aid Talent Development Manager Lori Buffington-Guiseppe. “DeVry’s program also offers an online learning option to accommodate employees from around the country and their various work schedules.”

The goal is to teach students how to apply business management concepts and skills to real-world situations while providing a solid base in business theory. Last year, 12 students in the first Rite Aid cohort graduated, and a second group is on track to earn their degrees in 2018.

Crystal Crowley, district manager assistant and pharmacy coordinator for Rite Aid’s Western Suffolk store, in New York, started as a cashier in 1996. She pursued the education opportunity to further her knowledge. She’s now pursuing a promotion and admits the degree program boosted her confidence and helped her bring new skills to her job. “We can sometimes forget to use proper sentences and grammar after being out of high school for a while,” said Crowley. “I’m definitely paying closer attention to my writing, and I multitask and comprehend day-to-day concepts much better. I’m grateful for the opportunity Rite Aid gave me and believe it will continue to pay off.”      


Diverse Partnerships – McDonald’s and General Electric

DeVryWORKS forms close alliances with employer partners to understand their objectives and needs in order to provide custom solutions to address them. Partnerships are designed to help employers develop their workforces using strategic solutions and resources to help promote organizational success.

For more than six years, McDonald’s, the world’s leading global food service retailer,1 has offered higher education opportunities to its workforce nationwide. Through DeVryWORKS’ unique educational partnership with McDonald’s, eligible employees newly enrolled at DeVry will receive many essential tools and resources to help them succeed, including a new laptop. This allows them greater flexibility and access to technology in order to pursue their educational and professional goals.

This fall, a newly expanded partnership with General Electric (GE), the world’s premier digital industrial company2 and known for using technology and innovation to serve diverse industries, enables eligible full-time GE employees to attend DeVry with no financial obligation3. Through the GE Exclusive Grant from DeVry University, GE employees can earn a certificate or associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree at any DeVry location, or online, to hone the skills GE needs.

“When we hire DeVry grads, they come with a baseline technical skill set that translates very well to our field service background – one that we can easily build on. As technology changes, DeVry changes with it,” said Michael Reed, director of business operations for GE Healthcare and a 1986 DeVry graduate. “Ten to 15 years ago, you didn’t have a lot of devices in a hospital that were connected to each other. Today, everything sits in a network. DeVry makes sure its curriculum is based on what’s happening in the real world.”

Through partnerships like Rite Aid, McDonald’s and GE, DeVryWORKS supports growth and development of its employer partners and their workforces to meet the challenges of doing business in today’s global economy.

DeVryWORKS: Partnering with Fortune 500 Companies

DeVryWORKS partners with many of the top Fortune 500 companies4, including:

  • AmerisourceBergen
  • Anthem
  • AT&T
  • General Electric
  • HP
  • Kroger
  • Walmart

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2, visited 10/28/16

3 Certain restrictions apply. Part-time-employment status will impact TA eligibility, possibly resulting in cost to the student. Employees must speak to their HR benefits manager for specific details. 

4, visited 11/16/16