DeVry Bootcamp

DeVry Bootcamp

By DeVry University

Bootcamps… Power-Packed (Education) Punch

Bootcamp, noun,

1.      a camp where people who have recently joined the U.S. Army, Navy, or Marine Corps receive their basic training 

That’s Merriam-Webster’s top definition.

If you’re imagining newbie soldiers trudging, sweating, struggling; drill sergeants barking orders, whipping recruits into shape, transforming them into ready-for-anything, stronger, better beings, re-image your mind. Or at least broaden your thinking.

Imagine a bootcamp of coding, not crunches. Portfolios, not push-ups. Tech, not trudge.

True to our technology and innovation roots since 1931 (see sidebar), in November we launched our inaugural coding bootcamp, in Denver. The Web Application Development program is a full-stack JavaScript coding bootcamp and the first in a planned suite of high-impact, lower-time-commitment educational offerings.

In the last issue of Perspectives, we looked into our stackable education offerings – traditional length programs from certificates through master’s degrees that “stack” along the education continuum. Bootcamps fit nicely into the stacking paradigm, but offer a power-packed, intensive and immersive experience in just a short period of time.

“Innovative education is critical. To meet the needs and wants of today’s students, and of employers looking for professionals with targeted skill sets, we continuously explore new ways to deliver relevant educational offerings,” said Provost Shantanu Bose, Ph.D. “Bootcamps are accelerated learning opportunities to augment current knowledge or immerse oneself into new disciplines in a matter of weeks or months. And like degree and certificate programs, bootcamps can be impressive additions to résumés when aligned with the chosen field.”  

First up is DVU’s coding bootcamp.


About Coding

At its most basic level, coding is the transformation of data into a form understandable by computer software. Efficiency, connectivity, speed...the list of coding “wins” could go on and on. Among the most powerful endorsements of coding recently came from Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric. The leader of the $130 billion high-tech industrial giant1 thinks coding is so critical that he recently stated, “If you are joining the company…you’re going to learn to code. It doesn’t matter whether you are in sales, finance or operations. You may not end up being a programmer, but you will know how to code.”2 Enough said.


About DeVry’s Coding Bootcamp

DVU’s coding bootcamp travels the web application development path. Knowing that effective web development coders must understand the web and what really happens when you type an address into a browser, our 10-week bootcamp is designed to get to the heart of the coding matter – and more:


  • JavaScript-based web development: a deep dive into cutting-edge full-stack web application development
  • Collaborative: students build portfolios as they learn from instructors and create apps in pairs and in groups
  • Community connections: industry-related guest speakers and meetups, bootcamp alumni speakers, group outings
  • Career focus: weekly check-ins during bootcamp, and for a month after, with a career search expert to define a search strategy and self-reflect

Learn more at, or call 866.559.7272.

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