National Competition Yields Innovative Products, Creative Business Solutions

By DeVry University

Senior Project Showdown. You’ve probably heard of it. Maybe even participated in it if you completed a senior or capstone project in the last few years. For those unfamiliar, the Showdown is a national competition that brings student teams together to collaborate on innovative ideas and creative solutions for a local business or startup.

This year, 65 teams competed, which was the highest number since the Showdown’s 2013 debut. What exactly were they vying for? The chance to have a professional video made to showcase their project and a $10,000 cash award.

The 65 entries were narrowed down to the top five by a panel of faculty, staff and DeVry employer partners including Google, Cisco, Microsoft and Adobe. Then DeVry created videos for the five teams. The videos were posted on the university’s social channels to allow the public to determine the top three through crowd voting. More than 13,000 votes were received!   

Here are the winners of the most recent Senior Project Showdown: 

First Place - Electronic Posture Regulator (EPR)

EPR is a wearable indicator designed to correct your posture. In doing so, the EPR may also help you appear confident and younger, combat stress, burn more calories and increase bone density. The design includes six sensors that support back and abdominal muscles to correct your posture.

·Team: Lucard Edmond, Corwin Austin, Kevin Hera, Joseph Laguerre

·Program of Study: Biomedical Engineering Technology

·Campus: Midtown Manhattan

·Prize: $10,000 and a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud® membership


Second Place - Watering Cricket

This easy-to-use wireless node system helps users enhance their gardens by collecting an array of soil data and uploading it to a user-friendly interface. The Watering Cricket’s three-part system – field nodes, hub and user interface – is designed to help home organic gardeners be more successful.

·Team: Peter Charuza, Andy Fisher, Jamie Celeste Metts, Ben Huey

·Program of Study: Engineering Technology – Electronics

·Campus: Online

·Prize: $5,000


Third Place - Adrian's Caterers

To help the owners of Adrian’s Caterers achieve a new look for their catering business and restaurant, the team developed the brand, redesigning everything from logo to uniforms. They also enhanced Adrian’s Caterers’ online presence in order to expand that arm of the business.

·Team: Jamell Daniels, Eric Martinez, Christian Santiago, Paulette Hussey, Irma Lang

·Campus: North Brunswick, N.J.

·Prize: $2,500


Alumni Involvement

If you’re inspired by the winning teams and projects, get involved:

·Be a judge at a local presentation of upcoming senior projects.

·Let a student team help your company by creating innovative solutions to current business challenges.

To learn more, contact your local DeVry campus

Meet the Inventor

Lucard Edmond conceived the idea for the grand prize winner of the most recent Senior Project Showdown, the Electronic Posture Regulator (EPR). Together with classmates Corwin Austin, Kevin Hera and Joseph Laguerre, Edmond brought the project to life.

Edmond has always been intrigued by body language. Watching how people walk or talk, and how that affects their self-esteem and shapes their lives, piques Edmond’s interest and keeps him watching. Maybe it stems from being in one of the best people-watching cities in America: New York City.

He also has an interesting habit of recording invention ideas in a notebook he’s kept for the last five years. As his senior project approached, Edmond flipped through the pages to the concept for the EPR, which came to him years ago after seeing another student using a flex sensor.

“I remember thinking how our phones vibrate to remind us of something, and how we might program that mechanism to remind us of something else,” Edmond said. “I thought about what people complain about and how we could use our five senses to improve on that. I came up with the idea of helping enhance body posture because it’s integral not only to our well-being, but to our confidence and state of mind too.”

What’s Next?

After graduating, Edmond was hired as a biomedical engineer for GDC Medical Electronics. Though work is great, Edmond and his senior project team plan to seek investors to develop and distribute the EPR.