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Making a Powerful Difference in the Lives of U.S. Olympic Student-Athletes

By DeVry University


To most of us, earning the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games would seem nothing short of amazing. For athletes to get to the elite level, it takes relentless drive and enormous effort – and a strong dose of confidence, too. It comes as no surprise, then, to find these traits among the Team USA athletes who attend DeVry University, an official education provider for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

Busy Lives and Big Dreams

At DeVry, we see the demands faced by our students with busy lives and big dreams, every day. We know the difference an extensive student support system and flexible learning options can make. We’re honored that the level of care and flexibility we offer all our students supports Team USA student-athletes working to achieve their education goals as they pursue their Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

Because of our partnership with the USOC, our student-athletes can push ahead on their journeys with fierce dedication to their sports as they navigate the path to their degrees, preparing for the possibilities to come, beyond their athletic successes.

Between gruelling training sessions, travel for competitions, personal life and family obligations, how does a leading athlete excel in their sport and manage college at the same time? The same way any DeVry student might tackle their challenges: with grit, determination and the finish line in sight. They embody that classic truth, where there’s a will, there’s a way. At DeVry University, we take pride in helping Team USA members - and every one of our students – express that will and find their way.

It’s inspiring to witness the intensity and motivation that takes Team USA members to the next level. Like so many students at DeVry, they are powered from inside by their talents, their interests and their ambitions to become their best selves. At the same time, they can find reasons to succeed all around them – in the voices of loved ones, the attention of teachers, rewarding paths to the future and worthy challenges to overcome.

We’re privileged to witness an impressive blend of strong will and vast potential in the many U.S. Olympic hopefuls educated at DeVry through our partnership with the USOC. Team USA members Adeline Gray and Donnell Whittenburg are two superb examples. We’ve been in the corner of Adeline, Donnell and all our student athletes since day one, and we’re rooting them on as they push to reach the podium in Rio.

Team USA’s Adeline Gray


Adeline Gray is a three-time world champion for Team USA in Women’s Wrestling. When she was a young girl, women’s wrestling was far from mainstream, so her main opportunities to develop her skills came from wrestling against boys. It served her well. Once Adeline set her sights on competing against girls, she developed the confidence to believe she would become the best in the world—and she did.

But her education was important to her, too. So she moved into the Olympic training facility in 2009 and entered college. Soon, she found she was missing too many classes, and in need of more options and support. Adeline transferred to DeVry while training for the Olympics, and was able to graduate with a business degree in early 2016. And she’s a leading contender for Gold at the Summer Games in Rio!

Team USA’s Donnell Whittenburg


Donnell Whittenburg is a member of the USA Gymnastics national team and a 2016 Olympic Games hopeful in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. He remembers being teased about his interest in gymnastics as a kid growing up in Baltimore. But Donnell’s passion for the sport only strengthened, as he competed through high school and began training at the USOC facility in Colorado Springs, CO.

Naturally, Donnell’s mom has been his biggest supporter, but she was firm about telling him that no matter where his athletic path was taking him, he needed to get a college degree. Following her advice, he’s enrolled as a Web Graphic Design student at DeVry. His online program is suited to his demanding schedule as well as his learning style, as he goes after his goal of making it to the 2016 Olympics!

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