Stack Education Credentials

Stack Education Credentials to Broaden Your Expertise

By DeVry University

Want to broaden your expertise in your current field? Stacking education credentials is an approach that could help you. By earning a certificate, and associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees that “nest” together or build on each other, you’re taking positive steps to help you achieve your professional goals.

No doubt, degrees are critical credentials and signify your commitment to developing expertise in your field. Other résumé builders are certificates and industry-specific certifications. “DeVry University speaks with employers, so we know that ‘bite-size’ credentials can help students set themselves apart from the competition or start on a professional path sooner, as they build on their education over time,” said Brian Bethune, national dean of the Colleges of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences and Media Arts & Technology

Stackable Credentials
No matter where you are on the education spectrum – undergrad student, graduate student or alum – DeVry and its Keller Graduate School of Management have “stackable” learning options designed to enhance your expertise. Undergraduate Students For those starting their education journey, consider these stackable opportunities:

  • Certificate programs, most credits from which transfer into a DeVry University associates degree program to help you achieve this more advanced credential quickly.
  • Associate degree programs, select credits from which can be applied to a DVU bachelor’s degree offering.
  • Bachelor’s degree programs that form the foundation for a Keller graduate certificate or master’s degree program.
  • Industry certification prep coursework embedded into some of our degree programs, helping you to prepare for exams that culminate in credentials employers may value.

Graduate Students
If you’re further along in your career or education, advanced certificate and degree program options can support professional growth:

  • Graduate certificates can be earned in fewer courses than master’s degrees and can serve as solid stand-alone credentials or firm foundations for master’s degrees.
  • Keller’s MBA program offers 17 discipline specific concentrations. By taking a deep dive into courses directly aligned with your field of interest early in your program, you have the opportunity to build expertise sooner.
  • Specialized master’s degree programs include concentrations and emphasis options, helping you add important skills to your résumé while on your way to earning a master’s credential

If you want to freshen up your skill set or explore a new area of interest, consider pursuing an advanced degree or certificate. How you choose to build your credentials can be very personal and rewarding. At the end of the day, it’s your career, and it’s your choice where to take it. We’re here to support you every stackable step of the way.

To learn more about how the university can help you reach your professional goals step by step visit or Our academic and admissions representatives are also available to help.