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Steven Holcomb

Three-Time U.S. Olympic Medalist

Education DeVry University student, Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems
Sport Bobsled
Hometown Park City, Utah

Three-Time U.S. Olympic Medalist Steven Holcomb has two passions: bobsledding and computers. One he does for a living, training 6-8 hours a day, year round, in hopes of having a "perfect run" at the Olympics. The other he studies whenever he isn't training, earning his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University - knowing it will pay off in the long run.

A video game fanatic, Steven enrolled at the University of Utah; but when he made the U.S. Bobsled Team, he withdrew to concentrate on his training. Four years turned into four more years training for the next Olympics and before he knew it, 16 years had gone by. He knew he had to get back to school.

DeVry University offered him the best of both worlds: he can work his class schedule around his training schedule and still keep current in the fast-moving world of computer information systems. And even though Steven's courses are all online, he never loses touch with his professors; every single one of his teachers gave him their cell phone number to ensure that he can communicate with them in real-time wherever he is.

"I know I always have to be prepared for the future," Steven says. "Right now, that means continuing my education so I can be successful after my Bobsled career ends. The staff at DeVry University has been immensely accommodating and kind in helping me transition."

Outside of his athletic career, Steven is a military veteran and an Eagle Scout. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and has worked as a computer technician for the USOC in both Colorado Springs, CO, and Lake Placid, NY.

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