DeVry University Tech Grads

How DeVry University Engineering Tech Grads Earn A-plus Jobs at CCC

By DeVry University

Published in the Chicago Sun-Times, October 2015 Imagine having your very own pipeline—and a first-class one at that—that feeds new employees into your successful business with regularity and reliability. Sounds like a “pipe dream,” right? To be sure, it’s a rare thing—but with two DeVry University campuses supplying new engineers to CCC Technologies in Wood Dale, the reality boils down to a success story now going on for more than a decade.  

“More than a third of our engineering workforce is made up of DeVry grads,” says Jim Poull, president and owner of CCC, which handles security and support for areas ranging from data to voice, video and cloud-based applications.  

Poull likes to say, “If it has a blinking light, CCC probably supports it.” And the support behind the support, if you will, comes from DeVry alums fresh from the Chicago and Addison campuses. Poull adds that it’s become such a good fit that today, “We participate heavily in DeVry career fairs, career days and job postings—it’s become our key source of new talent. They’ve maximized our potential for finding it and that’s the hard part of the business.”  

Poull, who became owner of CCC 10 years ago, says the DeVry connection started organically. “One of the first engineers we ever hired from DeVry told of us another engineer in his class, and in a few years it became this great talent pool.”  

Yet it’s become much more than a one-way effort. CCC works closely with DeVry on a number of levels, ranging from interaction with the school’s career counselors to involvement on the advisory council and group committee level. It’s all serving to grow employment ties that have mutual benefit.  

“The great thing about DeVry is that once they have you educated, they want to help you go out there and get a job,” Poull says. The DeVry-based new hires come to CCC with sharp textbook skills, making the main challenge one of getting them up to speed in the customer service realm.  

To that end, an alumni club-type paradigm applies. “What’s nice is that they get to be around DeVry peers and senior engineers, and start to feel more comfortable with standing in front of a customer and dealing with them.” 

Poull is hard pressed to find any drawbacks with the DeVry connection, except for one: “They make it very challenging for us because they’ve got so much talent.”