Tips to transfer colleges

New College? No Problem: A College Transfer Guide

By DeVry University

One in three students transfer schools before graduating.[1] Students transfer for many reasons - transitioning to a bachelor’s degree program, life changes, health concerns, careers, or even to find a better fit for their personality.

Regardless of motive, there are a number of steps that are a part of transferring colleges – research, deadlines, degree programs, etc. – but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Here is a short college transfer guide from Threse Bonnan, director of admissions at DeVry University’s Addison, IL Campus, to ease the process:

Talk It Out
Choose a Major
Calculate Credits
Discover Financial Aid

As a final piece of advice, Bonnan encourages students to be sure they are transferring for the right reasons – not just because you like the football team or because of the school’s proximity to your home.  Choose a school that will be the best fit for your educational, social and emotional needs, as well as help prepare you for a career. 


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