How different resumes stand out

How Different Resumes Stand Out

By DeVry University

Your résumé is the first impression you make with potential employers and hiring managers. This important tool, when done well, can help you stand out among many. The following tips can help your résumé be different on purpose and elevate your personal brand. 

Though certain industries may welcome more outside-the-box résumés that showcase creative skills and personality, all résumés must highlight strengths and expertise. So while a social media manager résumé may show an applicant’s engaging Twitter feed, that of an accounting analyst may highlight certifications and extensive corporate tax knowledge. No matter what the industry, some approaches to effective résumés are universal and can make yours different enough to stand out. 


The Basics: Show Your Best Self


Feature Your Personality and Creativity


General Best Practices

Your next career move could be right around the corner, so review your résumé today to ensure it’s unique and stands out. Still looking to add skills and credentials in a particular field to your résumé? Learn more about DeVry University’s degree program offerings at


International students studying on visas may have restrictions on their ability to work.