Students Explore New Tech at HP Discover

3D Printing to Movie Graphic Design: Students Explore New Tech at HP Discover

By DeVry University

If a plane partially constructed by a 3D printer sounds unfeasible, you might be surprised to hear it’s not that far away. 3D printing was one of many innovations two DeVry University students and a faculty member heard about at Hewlett-Packard’s HP Discover conference in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Engineering & Information Sciences undergrad students at the time (both have since graduated!) Christopher Smith and Saulo Lorenzo B. Solis were the first college students HP ever invited to attend its annual conference. Accompanying them was DVU Professor Christopher Martin. After two days exploring HP’s latest innovations and technology firsthand, gathering career advice from top tech leaders, the three guest ambassadors honed in on five key learnings gleaned from the conference: 

1. Big data is important for companies, and for today’s students, too.
Professor Martin was impressed to hear how companies leverage database engines and noted that no matter what field students pursue, measuring and reacting to data insights will be critical to their studies and future careers.

2. 3D printing technology has implications in surprising industries.
Today, 3D printers typically create individual components that are subsequently pieced together. HP is innovating this advanced technology to print products like scissors in one piece –with varying strength and density characteristics. Potentially available as early as 2016, this innovation may be able to create working valves for the biomedical field or printed scalpels for hospitals.

3. Technology execs started somewhere – it simply takes hard work to advance.
All three DeVry participants were impressed with how approachable and personable the HP executives were throughout the conference. The students interacted with tech leaders who are the minds behind technologies they’ve studied. In leaving, they noted a new empowered feeling to keep pushing toward their career goals with the understanding that a successful career is attainable when you put the time, effort and professional attitude into your work.

4. Companies are making strides in cyber security.
The importance of keeping patient information secure was addressed in Saulo’s Biomedical Engineering Technology program, and he was impressed to see the steps HP is taking in cybersecurity. Conference participants took a closer look at how hackers access information – and the ways to protect against infiltrations with an emphasis on the need for these steps in most, if not all, industries.

5. Movie graphics are about to get even cooler.
John Herbert, chief information officer of 20th Century Fox, spoke at the event and discussed the company’s partnership with HP to create sequels for the film Avatar. The DeVry threesome was excited to hear that the sequels in the works will use even more innovative graphics than the first groundbreaking flick.

The DVU guest ambassadors left the conference feeling inspired by HP’s tech innovations and ready to achieve success in their own careers. If you’re ready to take a leap into today’s tech landscape, check out DeVry University’s College of Engineering & Information Sciences to find your niche.