Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping Prep: Cyber Security Checklist

By DeVry University

Millions of people are victims of identity theft each year, with more than 17 million victims reported in 2014 by the U.S Bureau of Justice Statistics.1  The Bureau’s 2015 report on identity theft stated that 86% of victims experienced the misuse of an existing credit card or bank account, and two-thirds reported a direct financial loss. All this, despite the vast majority victims having taken actions to prevent breech of their privacy, such as shredding personal documents or checking credit reports.

It seems that as consumers, we need more instruction on the precautions we can take to help avoid becoming a victim of the country’s fastest growing crime. Especially since ecommerce continues to grow. This year alone U.S. consumers are projected to spend $347 billion in online purchases via computer and mobile device.2

As we enter into what is traditionally the busiest season for purchases and credit card use, it’s wise to become informed about cyber security measures you can take to protect your personal information. We asked for advice from one of our experts – Dr. Kenneth L. Williams, professor within DeVry University’s College of Engineering & Information Sciences – and created this checklist you can use and share.