Senior Project Showdown 2013

Senior Project Showdown 2013

By DeVry University

Senior Project Showdown 2013

In 2013 DeVry University kicked off the first annual Senior Project Showdown – a national competition of SeniorProjects, Media Portfolios, and Capstone projects. Months of hard work go in to these projects - a culmination ofthe efforts put into each class leading up to graduation.  

"Your senior project class is your final course before you graduate and can show off your knowledge to potentialemployers. The Senior Project Showdown is your opportunity to show off the wealth of knowledge you haveacquired from your years at DeVry to the entire world,” states Matthew Segreti, DeVry University Alum and 2013 Senior Project Showdown grand prize winner.“

It's such a unique want to win obviously, but when you see the caliber of performance on anational stage and realize that's your school?  It lends even more credence to the value of a DeVry education. Mybest advice for anyone in a Senior Project class, not just for the Showdown, is to find a project that inspires youand is a bit past your comfort level.  You will have to stretch, communicate, learn and grow. This is your chance totake your educational experience by the horns and make it your own.  Do not back down from the challenge!Dream big and achieve more.” – Eric Singleton, DeVry University Alum and 2013 Senior Project Showdown firstprize winner.

Check out the incredible projects that rose to the top in 2013 below, and stay tuned for the 2nd annual Senior Project Showdown on 6/1/14.


Grand Prize: 

Project name: SMRT Table

Team: Matthew Segreti, John Champion, Mike LaVine

About the project:

The smart table is designed to be a tool for restaurant use. This table could be placed in any kind of restaurantsetting. The customer(s) would sit at the table and navigate their way through the custom graphical user interface(GUI). The customer can then place their order which is wirelessly transmitted to the kitchen where the cook canprepare the customers food accordingly. Additional features: more games, web based activities, apps, inventorycontrol, management options, graphic settings, user login to remember past orders and so much more. Thepossibilities are truly endless for the SMRT Table.

First Prize: 

Project name: Mobius Dynamic Designs

Team: Eric Singleton, Angelica Marotta, Terry Hedrick, Jessica Burnot, Aaron Nelson

About the project:
Our project is a unique solution entitled MobiusDynamic Designs.  We wanted to experience the reality of the business of design, so wedecided to take a new approach to the problem.  We created a mock business to emulate a real-life design studioand marketed our services to other senior project teams.  We worked with a talented business major to setup ourbusiness structure, business plan, and internal forms and then got to work!  Our experience was amazing!  Overthe sixteen weeks, between internal and external sources, we completed over 30 separate projects.

Second Prize: 

Project name: Lazy Cat

Team: Adnan Rashid, Raul Garcia, Josh Kofoot, Zach Marwig, Mitch Phillips, Justin Taylor, Hoa Truong

About the project:
Lazy Cat is a physics-based puzzle game aimed for the casual or mobile gamer. You have 3 different "Rooms" toencounter and each room has several levels to complete. The goal is to build a structure or platform using itemsfrom your toolbox that will allow the cat to roll down it and reach her destination which is her bed. Your itemsfrom the toolbox consist of various furniture items that cause different reactions when the cat comes into contactwith them. There are numerous ways to complete each level and the fun lies in creating your personal structure tobeat the level!