Cyber Security Career Paths

Staying a step ahead of the game: Cyber security keeps digital information safe

By DeVry University

When you swipe your credit card to make a purchase at the grocery store, you believe the transaction will be safe, protected and just a normal part of your day. Most of the time, it is. However, data breaches of consumer information, like the Target data breach in 2013, are a growing threat as cyber criminals constantly push against security measures in new and creative ways. Cyber security professionals continue to push back, protecting your information with ingenuity and a drive to stay a step ahead.   

“As more economies begin to emerge and become a factor in global commerce and competition, we will continue to see demands on business,” says Taso Triantafillos, director of Information Security at Column Info Security, DeVry University alumnus and member of the College of Engineering and Information Sciences Advisory Board. “There will be a natural evolution of people who need cyber security as well as people who are looking to exploit information and systems.” 

Triantafillos is seeing a larger demand for individuals who are experts in advisory services, penetration and vulnerability testing and software developing. DeVry programs include certification prep courses to help close the resource gap, and enable the future workforce with the appropriate skill set. 



Not everyone knows what it takes to keep information safe. Those who work in advisory services advise companies on what technology and strategies they need to use to keep data secure and protected. They listen to the client’s challenges and goals before helping create and possibly implement a system to manage data and protect against threats.

It’s also worth noting cyber security teams and company management or IT teams might not always speak the same language. To succeed in this career path, professionals with knowledge backed up with clear, cordial communication skills are vital.

“Understanding, being respectful and considerate are the essential keys to working on a great team,” says Triantafillos.   



If a company hires someone to conduct a penetration test on its security systems, they want him or her to not only expose any vulnerability, but also attack the systems using all of their knowledge, technology and out-of-the-box strategies. They want to know how their system stacks up against a skilled attacker who desperately wants the information.

Losing valuable information can destroy companies. Specializing in penetration testing can literally save the day for clients.

“Companies rely on us to keep their day-to-day operations and business running,” says Triantafillos. “Each one of us makes a difference in the cyber world.”



As cyber criminals try to find new and creative ways to steal important digital information, cyber security professionals must always stay a step ahead. Security professionals create tools to detect viruses, malware or any intrusion, and then integrate those security measures into the software of the organization. Often, employees work in teams to create tools or strategies as well as identify flaws and vulnerabilities in developing projects.

Good cyber security professionals can lead a team and talk to clients in a productive way that meets goals. A good security professional is also a problem solver, using his or her analytical skills to tackle new challenges. 


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