Online Adult Education Programs

When you’re pursuing a degree while working full time, flexibility is everything. That’s why DeVry University offers online degrees for adults — to give you a way to pursue an associate and bachelor’s degree or undergraduate certificate, even amidst a busy lifestyle.

By taking classes online, you’re able to listen to lectures, participate in class discussions and turn in homework and more, all from the convenience of your computer screen. Instead of trying to arrange your work schedule around your classes, you can arrange your classes around your work needs.

Our online adult education programs are specially designed to be adaptable to you. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in Business or undergraduate certificate in Medical Billing, you can do it online with DeVry University.

A Solution to the Difficulties of Pursuing Education as an Adult

Deciding to attend college as an adult often means attempting to juggle a variety of other responsibilities at the same time. From work commitments to family needs, you have many pressures vying for your attention and disrupting your focus. For many adults, this is why education gets put on the backburner for a while.

With online adult education programs you don’t have to wait. These programs provide a great solution because they meet you where you are. Instead of having to put off schooling until your workload or parenting responsibilities lessen, you can fit classes and coursework into the margins of your everyday routines.

Enjoy the Benefits of Campus Programs with the Convenience of Online Learning

With DeVry University, pursuing adult education online doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Our online programs feature the same support, attention from faculty, classes taught by professors, and curriculum built around real-world skills that our in-person classes have. DeVry University is a nationally recognized online university.

Some of the benefits of pursuing a degree from DeVry University include:

  • Various career-focused, real-world degree programs to explore
  • Online courses taught by skilled faculty
  • Real-world preparation in your intended career path
  • An active community of students and alumni

Our catalog of online degree programs include options for undergraduate certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees,  all with the same quality of education you’d receive on campus.

We have programs in:

Through online adult school learning from DeVry University, you can complete coursework anywhere, any time, around your work schedule and around other demands. As a student at DeVry University, you have many opportunities to learn — so if you’ve been waiting to take the leap into higher education, now’s the time.