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Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

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DEI is more than hiring diverse voices. It is positioning your business to support and empower those voices through things like reducing barriers for career growth, via avenues like access to education, so they feel understood and confident their ambitions can be achieved at your organization. A successful DEI plan is relevant to your vision, mission and business objectives, and is the responsibility of the entire organization.

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Be an Ally and a Change Maker

As a department leader, your DEI objectives are likely contending with many pressing initiatives. This is where our DeVryWorks skills gap consultants might help. Our team specializes in skills gap analysis that can help you build a succession plan for your diverse future leaders. Then through our project-based programs we aim to help educate, reskill and upskill your diverse future leaders.

At DeVryWorks, we work with you to build a succession plan and support that plan through learning paths to help you become an active participant in meaningful change. Teams we specialize in providing skills paths for include:

Recruiting Diverse Talent

And, in the event you need to source diverse talent externally, we have a database of alumni and current students who might just have the work-ready skills you’re looking for to build your team.

Recruiting diverse talent with the digitally enabled skills your team needs could be a click away.

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