We Challenge Your Team Through Skill Development

With the competition to attract and retain a strong, diverse workforce increasing, we know one way to distinguish yourself is through an emphasis on continual development and learning. Our DeVryWorks team listens to help pinpoint where your team’s gaps are and how we might work together to provide solutions to close those gaps.

Our consultative approach is designed to help guide your talent succession plan and then support that plan through consistent check ins and reporting.  Our faculty of professors create skill building frameworks that can mirror what your team might be tackling on the job or in a future role, and our courses are developed with the needs of organizations, departments and industries in mind.

Meet Our Team

Looking for a partner who truly understands your skill development needs and can provide the solutions to back it up shouldn’t be a challenge. Our team of DeVryWorks consultants and DeVry University faculty working together is what sets us apart and helps create unmatched value for our clients. Together we strive to bring real-world expertise to your team—and we use experiential learning coursework to back it up.

We take pride in providing top-tier education, work-readiness programs, and personalized support. Do you have a partner who can do that? Learn more.

Meet our team of forward thinkers, solutions consultants and leader makers:


Elise Awwad

Chief Operating Officer, DeVry University

Elise Awwad is the Chief Operating Officer of DeVry University. She leads DeVryWORKS, admissions, student central, student care training, career services and strategic enrollment operations.
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Scarlett Howery

Vice President of Campus and University Partnerships, DeVry University

Scarlett Howery is the vice president of campus and university partnerships, providing strategic leadership for DeVry University’s 45+ campus operations. In this role, Howery drives community engagement and onsite student enrollment in each market, as well as forms local strategic partnerships to foster student learning and offer workforce solutions.
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Ron Gaschler

National Director, Career Services, DeVry University

Ron Gaschler is a Strengths Based Educator and Leader with over 20 years of experience in higher education leadership and over seven years of experience in industry. Currently, Ron is the National Director of Career Services and Employer Relations for DeVry University.
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Clark Barber

Vice President, DeVryWorks

As organizations accelerate digitalization efforts, employees across every function and level must evolve. Clark Barber works alongside his team to help organizations align the right talent with relevant learning pathways to reskill for the future of work.
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Amy Edwards

National Director, Partner Engagement, DeVryWorks

Amy leads the partner engagement channel within DeVryWorks. She is responsible for strategy, corporate partnership program performance management, and field recruitment development initiatives within the department. She also serves as a consultant for other business development channels within DeVry University.
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Jenna McCoy

Senior Manager of Sales Enablement, DeVryWorks

Jenna McCoy provides strategic leadership over the DeVryWorks commercial partnership process, upskilling of the DeVryWorks strategic account management team and supports sales technology innovation. In addition, she leads development of the customer buying journey by collaborating with product, marketing, sales and service to evolve the corporate partnership process based on partner needs.
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Elizabeth A. Thurman

Manager of Product Development, DeVry University

Elizabeth Allison Thurman has a passion for uncovering and evaluating market-changing solutions to address the unique challenges to the future of work. She consults with DeVry University’s partners to create sustainable value and deliver extraordinary business results through their workforce by developing talent activation solutions to upskill human capital.
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Daisha Hankle

Assistant Director of Workforce Learning Solutions, DeVryWorks

Daisha Hankle was born to be a coach, she lives each day by the motto, by Jimmy Johnson; “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little EXTRA.” She is a dynamic and energetic webinar facilitator who has spent 15 years honing her training and motivation skills on the sidelines of the basketball court to currently leading DeVry University’s corporate virtual workshop program.
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William Phillips, Ph.D

Dean of the Colleges of Engineering & Information Sciences, Media Arts & Technology and Health Sciences, DeVry University

William Phillips, Ph.D., became Dean of the Colleges of Engineering & Information Sciences, Media Arts & Technology and Health Sciences in March of 2019. Prior to his appointment as Dean of these Colleges, Dr. Phillips was an Associate Dean overseeing programs in the College of Engineering & Information Sciences for over 10 years.
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Lenore Goldberg

National Dean of the Colleges of Business and General Education and Curriculum, DeVry University

Lenore Goldberg has been with DeVry University since 2010 and serves as the National Dean of Colleges and Curriculum. As National Dean, she is responsible for overseeing course and program development, assessment, and programmatic accreditation for the business and general education curriculum.
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