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Your current and future leaders are the spark behind your team. They help lift and encourage the group and are a big factor in how your culture is materialized. Empowering them with the tools they need to advance their leadership skills can help the rest of your team also excel. Your team’s leaders should continuously evolve alongside the dynamic workplace. In fact, the drive to keep building leadership skills is one of the very factors that makes a strong leader.

At DeVryWorks, we partner with companies to provide leadership development and skills training for employees at all levels, including:

  • Leadership training and education for management

  • Foundational leadership skills for emerging leaders

  • Targeted leadership learning opportunities for team members

We’ll work with you to customize your leadership skills development strategies to best suit your needs and the learning styles of your personnel.

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Jonathan Weinberger
Developer, Unity Technologies ​| DeVry University alumnus
The management skills I learned while taking the senior project course at DeVry have been invaluable to me and were significant in helping me orchestrate so many people and project details.

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Skills to Develop Your Emerging and Evolving Leaders

There are many strategies that companies can use to encourage leadership development. Some businesses develop entire leadership programs that are fully immersive and over the course of weeks or months. Some embrace the idea of leadership retreats, where they spend a few days in an isolated space to focus on specific challenges and strategic plans. Other companies gravitate towards half-day events in-house, usually featuring guest speakers, who are intended to excite the team.

But not all companies have the resources to produce these programs in house, and often they’re only available to a finite number of people. One of the best ways to provide leadership development at scale, is a well-designed education program with a partner like DeVryWorks. When you partner with our solutions consultants, we can design a learning pathway for your evolving and emerging leader that focuses on what your company needs the most.

While leadership pathways will be customized based on your team’s needs, here are some of the most common skills areas we help your leaders build:

Leadership Skills

Administration and Management:

Leaders who know how to apply the fundamental management theories that support organizational stability while driving programs forward, can help strengthen organizational growth and performance. Could your team be enhanced by adding core competency skills in administrative leadership, planning, project management, and resource management?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

Building a diverse and inclusive team and workplace culture is integral to your company’s success. Through professional examples we explore diversity, equity and inclusion within business and client relationships and things to consider when engaging different groups. They’ll also be given space to help them develop a clear perspective on their role in providing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment.

Managing Organizational Change:

Navigating change across the workplace can be challenging for any team member—that’s why your current and future leaders can benefit from learning systematic methods for steering through and implementing change. Imagine the impact of leaders with a change management plan that aligns with real-world business models, human resources, and your own team’s values.

Leadership and Organizational Behavior:

Developing your future leaders takes intention, and team dynamics can factor into your ability to drive success. Your leaders can begin by growing their knowledge of basic organizational behavior and learning to establish strong group dynamics. They can also learn key leadership concepts like using motivation and communication to make an impact on team function and work culture.

Negotiation Techniques and Strategies:

Through blended media we’ll work with your leaders on skills like conflict resolution, prepping for negotiations, distributive and integrative bargaining, resolution of impasse, ethics, power dynamics, personality, and key communication processes.


A leader’s ability to communicate can be crucial to everything from interdepartmental collaboration to sharing insights with upper management and other stakeholders. Building skills in this area helps emerging leaders gain confidence, clarity and credibility. Could your team use help honing their written and verbal communication skills, creating and delivering presentations, or reporting on key data to support executive leadership goals?

Global Supply Chain:

Many organizations these days deal with complex and strained supply chains and could benefit from leaders who can innovate and problem-solve around these timely issues. Developing leaders with knowledge about strategic procurement, working across operation systems and supply chain transportation strategy can help your team become a valued partner

Sales and Marketing:

When your organization relies on marketing technology and customer management to find leads and drive sales, your leaders need a solid understanding of fundamentals like consumer intent, advertising and promotions, and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Case studies, interactive tutorials and real-world projects enrich our sales and marketing learning pathways.

Benefits of Fostering Continual Learning Among Your Leaders

Oftentimes, what stands in the way of your next leader are the skills they need to realize the career journey they envision. Empowering your team and standing behind their development can strengthen your relationship and help retain important high potentials. Your current and future leaders of tomorrow need to feel supported.

With the right tools in place, you can help:

  • Strengthen employee engagement:

    Those who are given opportunities to develop new skills and leadership capabilities often feel valued and supported. In turn, they may be more loyal to and more involved with their employer. Employee engagement on a growth path can be a powerful predictor of employee retention.

  • Address future needs:

    Leadership development initiatives can help you nurture current talent to prevent future skills gaps. Your employees can start learning now what you determine they'll need to progress tomorrow, as they apply new skills to help you meet organizational objectives in the coming months and years.

  • Increase innovation:

    Employees who experience regular development opportunities can explore new ways of approaching their work, as well as gain confidence to think outside the box as leaders. This can foster an innovative team mindset that just may spark the next great idea for your company.

Even for those who don’t ultimately move into official leadership positions, these kinds of skills can help individuals to become more productive, more satisfied team members.

Good Leadership Skills Are Needed

As you’re customizing your leadership training, it’s important to focus on the goals that you need to succeed in the modern market.

While there are many different approaches to leadership, the most successful leaders have traits and skills that include:

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Clear and effective communication

  • An ability to rally others behind a common goal

  • Effective change management

  • Strategic planning and execution

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

Although these skills are not the only ones that leaders will need, they represent a solid foundation on which to base your training programs.

Asia Ghazi
Keller alumna​
When I completed my master’s degree in human resource management at Keller [Graduate School of Management] in 2018, I solely focused on HR management because I knew I had a calling—to bring the ‘human’ back into human resources. I have an enormous passion for connecting people with the right jobs, training and teaching others, and helping executives become more effective, inspirational leaders within their organizations.

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