Skills for Information Technology & Security Teams

When your team's learning pathway is as agile as your release cycle.

A technology team needs to maintain not only critical technology skills, but also skills that help develop their business acumen. This combination of skills allows them to fully understand how their work impacts not only the bottom line, but also the other departments they work alongside to drive strategy.

When your team has access to learning pathways that help them hone their technology skills as well as core business skills you might realize a streamlined, efficient and idea-driven team. At DeVryWorks, our mission is to help empower your technology team to become well-rounded colleagues that visualize business outcomes, allowing them to better prioritize their work and be efficient and productive colleagues. Our team of consultants can help you build a talent succession plan with learning pathways infused with:

  • work-ready skills through project-based learning
  • hands-on technology education
  • iterative skill development that can be applied immediately within your organization
  • help you build a productive and engaged team

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Technology Education and Skills to Develop your IT & Security Team

Whether you need to build specialty technology skills within your IT team or shape your next group of IT leaders through cross-skilling, a customized talent succession plan is a great place to start. That plan should take into account your critical talent and roles, assess where your skills gaps occur, and then how you can help solve for those gaps through education and/or technology training programs. In working with other tech leaders, we know it’s about creating agile, continual learning programs that keep your team’s tech skills sharp while also providing a versatile set of tools your team can use as they progress into leadership.

While each program is customized based on your needs, here are some of the most common skills that we help technology teams build:

Information Technology & Security Skills

Cloud Computing

As more and more companies shift to a decentralized method of data storage and computing, you need to be sure your team is comfortable using these tools to help advance your business. We can help provide the skills your team needs to move your company over to a cloud-based infrastructure. Leveraging the cloud not only helps future-proof your company, but also assists with data security and effective transmission of information while reducing your dependency on hardware and the teams to maintain it.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

We offer skill-building education options designed to help your team build, integrate, maintain and troubleshoot IoT ecosystems. Some of our IoT skills training includes, connecting IoT devices and creating smart networks, helping your company streamline your automated networks and operations.

Cyber Security

Security is a critical facet of any modern business. We can help your tech team understand how to troubleshoot hardware, operating systems, networks, and manage cloud computing systems in a secure fashion. We do this through hands-on exercises and projects, teaching your team how to create, plan, implement and monitor security solutions to protect critical data and networks and prevent future attacks. Your team can also explore the design of an organization’s security systems procedures, standards, protocols and policies, as well as how to ensure operational security follows standards, policies and laws.

Networking and Programming

Properly executed networking and programming initiatives can lead to a simpler, more streamlined experience for your workforce and your customers. Some of the networking skills we cover are networking media, the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP), routing and switching and small network configuration and troubleshooting. Our programs can help your team learn about protocols and techniques necessary to program, document, test and debug applications and software packages.

Information Technology Administration & Management

Help your future leaders understand the foundation of business and management principles involved in IT infrastructure, information security, cyber-security, strategic planning, and resource allocation.

Business & Complementary Skills


Your team’s ability to communicate is crucial to project management and completion, but building confidence, clarity and credibility takes practice. Your future leaders might benefit from skills such as professional speaking, technical writing, research, developing written and verbal communications, creating presentations and providing management support.

Project Management

Managing a technology project’s timeline, cost and quality is especially prudent in these times of agile development and sprint cycles. Empowering your team to initiate, plan, execute and monitor multi-level programs can help drive productivity and efficiency. We even take into account risk analysis, cost control and performance objectives, conflict resolution and the use of project management software.

Big Data and Analytics

Data mining, business intelligence and managing big data is something you’re likely grappling with. Accelerating your team’s ability to gather, store, report and analyze important data through skills like business analytics, social network analysis, relational database management and data warehousing, data modeling and decision trees can help them understand and report on business objectives to help drive positive results.

Administration and Management

Guiding your team to better understand the fundamental management theories that drive organizations and programs forward can create better organizational relationships. Consider your tech leaders of tomorrow, could they use a skill boost in leadership, planning, project management and resource management?

Sales and Marketing

With marketing technology and demand generation being a large driver of leads for sales, your team might benefit from understanding marketing fundamentals like consumer intent, creating promotions, developing advertising campaigns and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Through fascinating case studies, interactive tutorials and real-world projects, our programs can help your team understand this key revenue driver.

Benefits of Continual Skill Building

When you create pathways for your team to cultivate the skills needed to help future-proof your organization you’re also empowering them to fulfill a career journey that could establish them as a leader of tomorrow.

To illustrate how skills development programs and technology education can benefit your organization beyond just improving the capabilities of your team, here are a few benefits you could see after implementing a workforce development program through DeVryWorks.

improved efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Whether you need to improve your team’s business acumen or bolster specific capabilities such as project management or your cyber security measures, our programs are designed to provide your team with the skills to help increase efficiency. Through the thoughtful application of our skills training, your team can finetune their troubleshooting skills to reduce data loss, network interruptions and other time-consuming technology issues while better partnering with teams across the organization to help you stay competitive.

future leader development icon

Future Leader Development

Finding quality talent is merely the first step, keeping them engaged and their careers progressing is what can take you to the next level. What’s likely standing in their way is the means to develop the skills they need to be your future leaders. Help them shine by building skills pathways for them to achieve their goals and in turn drive a more engaged and productive team.

advancing underrepresented talent icon

Advancing Underrepresented Talent

Your diversity, equity and inclusion goals have been set, now it’s time to align objectives and solutions to meet those goals. Oftentimes education can be a barrier for career progression, so why not try and alleviate that obstacle for underrepresented talent? We can help you build a diverse team as bright as your vision.

Flexible, Digital-First Learning

We offer flexible, digitally-enabled learning pathways to help your team develop the skills they need today and in the future.

We work with you to design ways to raise your team's skills in efficient ways. We know your people’s time is valuable, so your workforce development solution needs to allow your team to upskill or cross-skill while maintaining their productivity.

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