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At DeVryWorks we partner with organizations of all sizes to help attract, develop, retain and advance talent. We do so by maximizing the impact of your tuition benefits policy, hosting virtual career fairs, providing talent acquisition solutions by providing access to our students and alumni, and by helping you advance your DEIB goals. If you’re ready to create meaningful impact in your organization, see below for some of the areas we specialize in. 


Ready to get to work?

The Microchip Success Story 

Microchip Technology, a semiconductor manufacturer based in Chandler, Arizona, is partnering with DeVryWorks as it ramps up employee education efforts utilizing tax credits and potential grant programs associated with the passing of the CHIPS Act. The partnership offers a unique opportunity for Microchip to focus on developing skills for the technical-level employee and transforming what is often a passive employee benefit into a powerful retention and recruitment tool.

Microchip’s employee learners are tapping into the enormous potential of this partnership, using their employer-provided tuition benefits to access learning opportunities from DeVry University’s vast certificate and degree program offerings. When DeVry’s Completion Grant is added to the equation, this new education becomes much more accessible and affordable for eligible students.*

Lauren Carr
Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Microchip Technology
The DeVryWorks program has been well received at Microchip. I definitely would recommend other leaders to partner with DeVry. They've been a great partner. Managers are engaged and participating in helping design curriculum. Our employees are signing up, so we know it's a success.
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Building the Productive Workforce You Need to Succeed

Talent Acquisition

At DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management, we produce six graduating classes annually, providing a new crop of talent for you to connect with. Our extensive network spans the United States, and we offer virtual career fairs making it easier to find the right talent when and where you need it.

Upskilling and Reskilling

Skills required in today’s workforce are rapidly changing, making it difficult and costly for organizations to provide timely and relevant learning and development opportunities. DeVryWorks enables you to tap into our academic programming as a development solution by establishing a low-to-no debt education pathway for your employees. 

DeVryWorks helps organizations optimize costs by transforming non-working tuition benefit dollars into a proactive funding source for education and development.

Internships and Apprenticeships

Internship programs cultivate skills in entry-level employees, reducing time-to-hire. A well-coordinated program provides valuable work experience and acts as a formal screening process for potential hires. Apprenticeships are an attractive concept, allowing entry-level talent to learn new skills while on the job. Employers can convert entry-level positions into apprenticeship programs, tapping into workforce initiative funding. 

DeVry’s apprenticeship program supports various IT and information security roles and is listed in the National Apprenticeship Program Registry.

Working with State Economic Development Organizations

If you’re looking to expand or open facilities in new states, you’ll need to find skilled talent to fill those open roles. Consider working with the local economic development office and DeVryWorks. With the right contacts, you may be able to utilize state grant funds to help skill up local talent and uplocking their growth potential. DeVryWorks can help make connections and maximize relationships with state economic development groups.

Why Partner with DeVryWorks?

With DeVryWorks, you can expect a dedicated team that will work with you to develop a plan aligned to your short and long-term talent goals. Here are just a few ways partners drive value:

  1. Establish low-to-no debt education opportunities for employee learners.

  2. Opportunity to build DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management learning pathways tailored to specific talent needs of your organization.

  3. Accreditation: DeVry University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and this accreditation includes our Keller Graduate School of Management.

  4. Coursework aligned with industry-relevant certifications in IT and health information technology.

Partner with DeVryWorks for Sustainable Talent Solutions

With solutions to your most confounding workforce development challenges, our DeVryWorks team can help you analyze skills gaps and curate learning pathways that can transform your teams. 

*The DeVry Completion Grant will not cover optional bookstore charges. Grants and scholarships are available to those who apply and qualify. Employer tuition benefits vary based on your organization's policy and timeframe and program of enrollment. DeVry may cover remaining mandatory tuition and fees at the time of completion and all eligibility requirements have been met. Visit devry.edu/completiongrant  for complete details and eligibility requirements. 

Skills Gaps We Solve For

DeVryWorks creates customized learning pathways to help close skills gaps in several key areas.