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Prep for Your Next Move: Skill Up or Acquire the Talent You Need

Whether your expansion involves ramping up new production lines, introducing new products and services, meeting increased client demand or opening new facilities – across town or in a new state – our DeVryWorks team can support your upskilling, reskilling or talent acquisition needs.  

Establish an Education Plan to Support Your Growth

Do you require upskilling for new managers, floor operators or technicians, or the acquisition of new talent? By curating learning pathways that are closely aligned with your skills needs, we can help address current skilling and staff expansion needs.  If you’re opening a new location, we may be able to help you leverage state-administered grants and collaborate with you and the state workforce development organization to help fund education to support your goals.

Let's build your talent plan to support your expansion

Delegate the Heavy Lifting to Higher Education

The human aspect of your expansion is crucial. Our DeVryWorks team can make your expansion a successful one by helping you attract, reskill and upskill the talent you need.

How do you recruit, hire and train new talent to fill the jobs you’re creating? When you partner with DeVryWorks, we employ a work-based learning approach. Here is a step-by-step example of how we can partner to grow your team:

  • Determine what skills are needed. 

  • Establish where skills gaps are typically found.

  • Identify available tuition benefits – tuition reimbursement, state and federal grants, DeVry tuition savings, DeVry Completion Grant.**

  • Begin recruiting with clearly defined skills pathways for new hires, and benefits that start on day one of employment.

  • Skill new hires in customized learning pathways based on your specific needs over the first 12 to 18 months of employment.

  • Evaluate impact and retool/expand as needed.

Certain DeVry certificate programs can prepare employee learners to pursue industry-relevant certifications, and some or all of the cost of the employee learner’s education can be covered by your organization’s tuition benefits and available grants and scholarships, including DeVry’s Completion Grant.*


Here are a few examples of this approach in action:

4 million manufacturing jobs needed by 2025
Engineering Technology

Let’s say you need to hire 20 new mechanical engineering technicians within the next year. Consider offering a learning pathway using DeVry’s Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering Technology to skill them up and enable them to apply those new skills on the job quickly.

Information Security

A similar approach can be taken to fill critical roles in information security. New hires can be skilled up in cyber security with a learning pathway that integrates our Undergraduate Certificate in Cyber Security. Courses within our curriculum may also help you prepare to pursue industry-relevant cyber security certifications like CompTIA A+, EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker or CompTIA Cloud+, to name a few.

Woman sitting at a computer screen interviewing.
Talent Aquisition

Virtual Career Fairs

Recruit from the comfort of your office

Why use 20th century recruiting methods to build a 21st century workforce? Reach a diverse and ready-to-work population of students and alumni within DeVry’s 40-plus academic programs by connecting with them in a Virtual Career Fair. As a DeVry-recognized employer, you can connect with students and alumni in real time, and view and download hundreds of resumes without leaving your office.

Learn more about
Virtual Career Fairs

How Can We Help You Grow?

Whatever your growth demands upskilling or reskilling, acquiring new talent, relocating or some other unique challenge, our DeVryWorks team can help. Contact us today to unleash the potential of your employee learners, meet today’s challenges and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. 


*Creating Pathways for Tomorrow's Workforce Today, The Manufacturing Institute
**The DeVry Completion Grant will not cover optional bookstore charges. Grants and scholarships are available to those who apply and qualify. Employer tuition benefits vary based on your organization's policy and timeframe and program of enrollment. DeVry may cover remaining mandatory tuition and fees at the time of completion and all eligibility requirements have been met. Visit  for complete details and eligibility requirements.