Employee Development Solutions for the Private Sector

Today’s private-sector organizations face a number of employee development challenges, including recruiting new talent with the right skills, building the skills of their existing workforce, developing future leaders and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

At DeVryWorks, we partner with Human Resources leaders, like talent acquisition, workforce development, benefits and rewards, learning and development, diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as functional leaders like operations, finance, accounting, technology and cybersecurity to develop tailored digitally-enabled learning pathways  to help you recruit, retain and advance underutilized talent. Powered by the experience and nationwide presence of DeVry and Keller, we can create talent development solutions aligned to your goals, when and where you need them, to keep your workforce ready to face the challenges of this evolving technological environment.

Talent Acquisition

Our decades of experience in helping working adults continue their learning journey and our extensive student and alumni network, enable us to develop talent acquisition solutions to meet your unique requirements now and as you scale. With 6 academic sessions per year, DeVry produces a number high volume of graduates across a variety of degree and certificate programs with the digital and professional skills employers may be looking look for. Our national presence allows us to partner with organizations across the country and connect them with potential new hires in locations where they are needed most. 

Our mission is to help close the “opportunity gap” by supporting underrepresented and underutilized learners looking to advance their career ambition. What that means to future employers, when you recruit from DeVry and Keller you’re opening your recruiting pool up to a more diverse pool  of this motivated students and alumni that can help you meet the objectives of your organization’s DEI initiatives.  

We can show you a smarter way to deploy the talent acquisition dollars you already have, without adding cumbersome new procedures.  

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Skilling Solutions: Closing Gaps, and Discovering Opportunities

The adoption of new technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and robotics in the workplace have contributed to a growing employee skills gap. Now layer on the need for professional and leadership skills that are also important. That’s the difference between existing competencies and the skills that will be required to meet the future needs of the evolving workplace. The results of recent global workforce surveys confirm this: 

  • 77% of workers say they want to learn new skills or completely retrain (PWC Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023)

  • 53% of executives say reskilling is the best way to close the capabilities gap, yet nearly the same percentage agree these programs often fall short of expectations (McKinsey Quarterly, The Skillful Corporation)

  • 39% of workers think their job will be obsolete within 5 years (PWC Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023)

At DeVryWorks, we see skills gaps as opportunities. Employee upskilling training and development programs with customized learning pathways can help your enterprise grow and your people thrive:

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  • Upskilling along strategic learning pathways can fill the gaps and keep your talent succession plans on track.

  • Reskilling can provide the knowledge employees need to move into a different department or function, filling those gaps and giving you the agility to rapidly respond to new opportunities and market conditions.

And it’s more than just tech skills. Coursework in our learning pathways typically includes workplace skills that can contribute to enhanced belonging, leadership development and improved employee retention.

Funding strategies that improve affordability

We work to connect employers with the financial resources needed to implement an effective employee development program and minimize the financial impact on both the employer and the employee learner. Our DeVryWorks consultants work diligently with you to develop a cost-efficient plan aligned to your organizational goals. Whether we’re exploring:

  • Coordinating with available state and federal grant dollars.

  • Employer tuition benefit policies (tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance) and inclusivity of those plans.

  • The DeVry University Completion Grants, which can help close the talent gap, making for a low-cost educational experience for qualifying students in an eligible program.

Our experts can help you configure a paln that has the potential for greater employee participation and is aligned with your goals and DEI initiatives.

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How Can We Help Your Organization?

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