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Business operations is a balance of technology, processes and people, together they keep everything running smoothly and driving efficiency. Your operations and supply chain team are the heartbeat of that balance. They strive to deliver next-level customer and employee experiences every day.

One of the key components of mature operations models is the adoption of technologies, and they’re coming rapidly. This influx of technology, in the supply chain especially, is garnering a need for a well-rounded operations team built of tech-savvy individuals with an appetite for change and growth who are fueled by a desire to continually learn. We’ll partner with you to map the skills gaps facing your team today. Then, to help close those gaps we’ll build learning pathways, which can help bolster your team’s job specific skills as well as interpersonal skills.

Shane Jones
Premier Consultant, TAG CXO​ | DeVry and Keller alumnus
Many organizations do not realize how much time and money they are wasting because they do not have the correct technology or processes implemented. Being able to help companies and individuals streamline processes and understand how efficiencies can lead to profits, even though it may be more costly at the beginning, has been very rewarding

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Skills to Develop Your Operations and Supply Chain Team

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to retain your future leaders and keep their skills sharp. While on-the-job training is integral, providing additional skill development can fuel your team’s innovative thinking and help build key relationships.

A well-rounded team with the technical know-how and the business chops to explore new strategies and implement innovative ideas can positively impact your bottom line. Our DeVryWorks consultants can partner with you to build a succession plan to build a team as bright as that vision.

At DeVryWorks, we offer a multitude of programs to lift your employees so they can flourish and grow within your organization. Our offerings complement supply chain and operational management and can provide your team a skill boost in leadership, planning, project management, diversity resource management, and more. Some offerings include:

Operations & Supply Chain Skills

Global Supply Chain Resource Planning

Optimal supply chain efficiency is crucial to your clients. And your resource planning and management is likely getting more complex.

To help streamline operations we dive into demand management and forecasting, material requirements and resource planning, production scheduling, and managing inventory.

Relationship Management, Procurement & Sourcing Strategy:

A global value chain (GVC) is a complex system to integrate and operationalize. Here your team can learn about identifying strategic partners, make vs. buy decisioning, evaluation and QA strategies and maintaining ethical practices throughout your supply chain.

Global Perspectives for International Business:

With your supply chain likely involving global partners your team should be skilled in understanding cultural business differences.

Through the lens of global organizational case studies, we delve into how cultures, politics and economics play an important role in your team’s relationships. And how creating multi-national businesses change your operations, supply chain, marketing and finance.

Leadership and Organizational Behavior:

With your supply chain likely involving global partners your team should be skilled in understanding cultural business differences.

Through a well-ordered approach they’ll evaluate the use of motivation and communication to drive improved group dynamics and the impact of leading effectively.

Managing Organizational Change:

Steering change in complex workplaces can be challenging for any team member. Your current and future leaders can benefit from systematic approaches to driving adoption of organizational change.

Here they’ll work through the intricacies of creating a change management plan, taking into account human dynamics, models, principles and values that can help to lead the process of change.

Digital and Complementary Skills

Administration and Management :

To help optimize your team’s interdepartmental relationships we’ll evaluate what drives businesses and initiatives forward through fundamental management theories. Additionally, we’ll cover resource & project management, planning and leadership.

Big data and Analytics:

With the speed at which technology is impacting supply chains it’s likely your team is ramping up their tech skills or looking for talent with tech skills. Skills like data mining, business intelligence and managing big data could be beneficial to develop on your team.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

Operations and supply chains are becoming increasingly more reliant on advanced technology. Giving your team the basic understanding of how these tools function can help them understand their potential impact on your business. Our courses are designed to develop and train machine learning models and apply linear regression to make predictions. Additionally, your team will work with control systems related to applications such as robotics, natural language processing, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Cyber Security:

Supply chains especially can become targets of cyber attackers. It only take an infiltration in one part of the supply chain to potentially compromise an entire network. Through hands-on exercises and projects, they’ll create, plan, implement and monitor security solutions to protect critical data, networks and prevent future attacks. Your team can also explore the design of an organization’s security systems procedures, standards, protocols and policies, as well as how to ensure operational security follows standards, policies and laws.

Sales and Marketing:

With marketing technology and demand generation being a large driver of business for sales, your team might benefit from understanding marketing fundamentals like consumer intent, creating promotions, developing advertising campaigns and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Through fascinating case studies, interactive tutorials and real-world projects, our programs can help your team understand this key revenue driver.


Communications: Your team’s ability to communicate is critical to your operations team working with internal stakeholders and your supply chain working with external partners. Building your team’s confidence, clarity and credibility takes practice. Could your team use help honing their skills in professional speaking, developing written and verbal communications, creating presentations and providing management support.

Why DeVry?

Benefits of a Developing Continual Learners

You might be wondering if skill development programs can serve your organization beyond just the team member’s individual skill improvements. Don’t underestimate the power of a supported workforce. Individual achievements can show others there is value in staying at your company and developing their careers with you. That good will can spread, and others might follow. Additionally, those skills they develop, along the way, will likely be shared with peers and colleagues potentially fostering an interdepartmental training culture.

After establishing learning pathways with DeVryWorks, your organization could benefit in the following ways:

Innovative Thinking

Your operations and supply chain team is eager to learn new ways of improving and approaching their work. When they’re given the opportunity to stretch past their set job role, creative thinking will likely follow. Infusing learning pathways into their succession plan can help foster new ways of creating efficiencies and encourage next-level thinking that can lead to brilliant ideas within your team and organization.

Problem-Solving Skills

Fine-tuned problem-solving skills could be the change you’re looking for on your operations and supply chain team. Identifying problems before they begin and addressing them in a timely and efficient manner could improve your customer experience as well as your organization.

Upgraded Operational Efficiency

What do you get when you combine increased problem-solving skills and innovative thinking? Most likely better business efficiency. Operational efficiency isn't far behind when your business can ask hard questions, anticipate and tackle areas to improve and break through barriers.

Interested in learning more about building a succession plan for your team?

Partner with DeVryWorks to Build Your Operations & Supply Chain Team’s Skills

Your team acts as a hub for the organization. You likely work with most departments and countless suppliers and vendors, and because of that your team could benefit from first-rate digital, communication and leadership skills. Tech advancements in the market aren’t slowing down, so it’s important you’re showing your critical people they matter and empowering them to bring forward new ideas and processes.

We know you're facing unique obstacles; our skill-building programs can help equip your team with innovative tools, different ways of analyzing information, and becoming more comfortable with technology advancements in your field.