Skills to Elevate Your Talent

Building a team of continual learners empowered with work-ready, digitally enabled skills is key to your team's career goals and your company's success.

Regardless of your role, you have a shared vision for your organization—to find, elevate and retain diverse, talented employees to help keep you ahead of the competition. An integral part of that goal is developing skills on an agile and flexible basis and having your team be able to apply those skills immediately to fast track your organization.

At DeVryWorks we partner with organizations across a variety of industries and of various sizes to develop custom, hands-on skill development programs through DeVry University professors and coursework. With each program, we aim to empower your workforce to evolve with the changing digital-first landscape through project-based learning. Each program is tailored to fit the needs of your organization, and your team—a plan for a technology department should look different than a plan for the finance team.

Take a closer look at just a few of the skills areas we focus on:

Skills Development for Technology Teams

As a leader in information technology (IT) it’s critical that you have a high producing team that can outpace the demands of the organization, clients and industry. Cybersecurity, cloud computing, data mining and analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), programming, project management skills, just to name a few, could be essential to keeping your team on the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry. 

But you also know your next set of rising stars needs the non-technical skills—learning agility, critical thinking and business acumen—that, in some cases, are becoming even more important than the technology skills. Equipping this group with communication, marketing, management, project management, business analytics, forecasting and budgeting can help them better understand what drives your company forward.  

Skills Development for Operations & Supply Chain Teams

As the lifeline to your organization’s delivery of goods and services your team needs to create efficient processes in this digitally connected world. Skill development in areas like data analytics, international business, resource planning and inventory management could help your team continue to have a positive impact on your employee’s and client’s overall experience.

But also consider how a team of well-rounded, evolving learners might be a benefit. So, as you’re looking to create learning pathways don’t forget about complementary skills like communication, project management, change management, organizational change, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics process automation. A versatile ops team can create better relationships and a deeper understanding of business outcomes which could help you thrive in a competitive market.

Skills Development for Accounting and Finance Teams

As a leader in finance or accounting, you know that your organization is looking to your team to create efficiencies while remaining vigilant on accuracy, forecasting and risk management. When your team is prepared for what’s ahead, it can make a positive impact on your business. You’re looking for relevant and timely skills development through current case studies, the latest tools and practical real-world scenarios to help your team reach informed business decisions. 

It’s also equally important to recognize that the demands on your team are closely tied to digital transformation—in your organization and industry. Skills like data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics process automation (RPA) can help your team develop skills that can help the organization thrive in a competitive market. 

Leadership Skills Development for Your Team

Your future leaders of tomorrow, as well as your current leaders of today, likely have skills gaps you need to address. Ensuring this critical talent is given the development opportunities they’re looking for in order to advance their careers is crucial to your retention efforts and employee engagement. Whether you're looking to develop a team’s project management, big data, global supply chain or human resource management skills, to name a few, we’re confident we can help your team today. 

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Stackable Credentials that Help the Organization and Employee

At DeVry, several of our programs are stackable, which is a significant value to you as an organization and for your employee’s future career plan. 1

Keeping pace with skills demands can be daunting, but finding an agile learning partner to help you shouldn’t be. Connect with our team today.

Why DeVryWorks?

Well, we’ve been helping companies from a variety of industries and sizes build skills gap education into their workforce development programs for years. Our team of DeVryWorks consultants and DeVry University faculty working together is what sets us apart and helps create unmatched value for our clients. And DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Keller Graduate School of Management is included in this accreditation.

Put all this together and you’ll see we’re laser focused on customizing the educational tools you need to help your organization stay competitive—in your marketplace and for talent. And if you’re not able to source the talent from within your organization for upskilling or reskilling, we have a vast database of ready-to-work students and graduates who have the skills and credentials your company might be looking for.

Experience counts, and DeVryWorks brings the experience that matters to you every day.

1At the time of application to the next credential level, an evaluation of qualifying transfer credit will occur and the most beneficial outcome will be applied.