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We Understand the Power of a Fully Engaged Team

There is power in knowing your team is supported with education pathways to help guide them to their next career milestone. How you build that learning pathway might not be as clear. Our DeVryWorks learning pathway consultants can help transform your skill development objectives into actionable hands-on learning programs. We work with leaders in Information Technology & SecurityOperations & Supply ChainAccounting & Finance, as well as Human Resources to support the learning needs of their teams.

Through this coaching we'll help you identify critical talent, determine skills gaps, create succession plans and establish tailored learning pathways to fuel the growth of your team.

Curious what skills your team might be missing? Check out our skills pathways.

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Webinar Replay | Powering Workforce Strategies with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already transforming how we do business—it's even shaped this event. The savviest business leaders are adapting and embracing this technology as a key tool of the future, but are you doing the same? Ensuring your organization thrives in this dynamic environment requires a proactive strategy, including upskilling your employees to utilize AI as a necessary tool.

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Who We Are

Finding the right talent is tough but investing in their growth shouldn’t be. You’ve established ways of skilling your team on the job, but there are likely other skills gaps you’re trying to solve for. And you’re looking for a way to deliver clear learning pathways for your team to continually learn, grow and help the company move forward. As an experienced workforce development partner, our DeVryWorks consultants can help you realize your team’s professional growth trajectory. We're here to help you build the productive workforce you need to succeed.

How We Work

Chart Your Talent Succession Plan

Alongside our clients, we strive to establish learning pathways for their future leaders. These pathways are designed with industry trends in mind and ladder up to your talent succession plan’s goals. Not only do we work with you to set your goals, identify talent and create a plan fueled by learning paths we take it one step beyond—we’ll continue to monitor your team’s skill development progress and map future skills needs to your evolving talent succession plan. It’s this unique approach that helps us equip your team with the work-ready skills to fast-track your company and create a diverse team as bright as your vision.

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Our Team

We are dedicated to our clients and strive to create a digital-first learning path that helps to prepare teams to meet the marketplace's changing needs. Our DeVryWorks colleagues work alongside our professors to help infuse real-world experience into our classes, offering students an immersive and relevant education.

Let’s start building your learning pathways for your future leaders.

Who We Work With

Our clients come from a variety of industries, company sizes and departments, and each one can work with us to chart a talent succession plan specific to their organization's future vision. Through our consultative approach, you can provide your team with the opportunity to learn from peers, educators and thought leaders invested in their learning success.

To maintain a competitive edge, you need to empower your team with the tools to succeed and grow along with the digital-first marketplace. At DeVryWorks, we offer just that. Our clients can benefit from flexible learning pathways built to educate, motivate and grow your leaders of tomorrow.

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What Our Clients Say

Donna Herbel
VP Training and Culture Development, Perkins and Marie Callender's
The DeVryWorks team is engaging and responsive. DeVryWorks understands our business goals and the needs of our team members. Their unique ability to look at different ways to solve a business issue vs. selling a product truly differentiates them in the marketplace Working with the team at DeVry has made it easy for us to invest in the people who invest so much of themselves in our children and our communities. Whether it’s offering flexible course schedules that help associates balance school and work or providing new students with a high level of individual guidance and support, DeVry makes it a priority to help every student succeed.