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We know that every business and department has unique talent needs. But we also know businesses share similarities because we work with hundreds of organizations who need creative ways to help lift their rising talent through skill development. We get energized by our clients that want to build skill pathways that can develop and retain key and diverse talent. Our clients choose DeVryWorks because together we identify skill paths and complementary educational programs that align with their business trajectory.

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Transform Your Team's Skills with DeVryWorks

You need a partner to help your team gain ready-to-work skills and make an instant, positive impact on your business. With DeVryWorks, your team can gain the skills needed to stay tech-forward and ready to drive growth and efficiency in today’s marketplace and beyond. Clients who join DeVryWorks are eligible for a variety of education benefits, which might include:

  • Tailored learning pathways

  • Skills gap identification

  • A single point of contact

  • Access to accredited programs

  • Talent pipeline advisory

  • Succession planning

  • Regular check ins with your DeVryWorks team

  • Student progress touchpoints

Our Clients

Our clients work hard to give their team the tools they need to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Join these businesses and invest in your people today. When your employees win, you win.

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What Our Clients Say About DeVryWorks

Belinda Oakley
CEO, Chartwells K12
Every day, our team of school lunch heroes works hard to ensure that children across the country leave their school cafeterias happier and healthier than when they came in. Their commitment fuels our success, so it’s important to me that we provide our associates with opportunities to expand their educational qualifications and grow their careers at Chartwells. That’s why our partnership with DeVry University to offer a series of scholarships is so meaningful. Working with the team at DeVry has made it easy for us to invest in the people who invest so much of themselves in our children and our communities. Whether it’s offering flexible course schedules that help associates balance school and work or providing new students with a high level of individual guidance and support, DeVry makes it a priority to help every student succeed.