6 Articles to Help Your Leadership Journey

January 30, 2023
8 min read

Harry S. Truman once said, “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” 

A great and effective leader takes time to grow and develop in their role. Whether you're looking for articles on various leadership styles or creating a positive work culture, there is no lack of leadership information available. Here are the top 6 articles to help you on your leadership journey.

1. In Search of the Definition of Leadership, Inc

How do you define a leader? It's an important question. 

Peter Drucker, a famous thinker, and John Maxwell, a living legend, are featured in the first paragraph of this article. The author also considers recent discussions about the topic to provide readers with a refreshed definition of leadership. 

2. 6 Warning Signs of Bad Leadership You Should Never Ignore, Inc

Great leadership can be overshadowed by lesser efforts. Inadequate leadership can lead to employee turnover, disengagement and productivity loss.

A leader with poor leadership traits is generally a good person who does not intend harm in any way. Their negative traits, as a result, often go unnoticed. Inc.'s article looks at six signs of bad leadership.

3. Why Leadership Training is Important, Seismic

Leading well requires transforming teams, creating and managing effective processes and developing employees. It is essential that leaders are trained to be capable of doing all of these things and also able to do so much more. The importance of leadership training is examined in this article.

4. Leadership Styles and Job Satisfaction, ResearchGate

Different leadership styles correlate directly with job satisfaction.

The results of this leadership study showed that transformational leadership has the greatest positive impact on job satisfaction among retail employees and leaders. What's more, some leadership styles are more effective than others.

5. 10 Surprising Things Successful Leaders Do Differently, Forbes

Over 200 CEOs, entrepreneurs and leadership experts were interviewed by writer David Kruse over the past three years. The biggest secret to leadership was revealed in each discussion. As a result of those conversations, 10 major themes emerged that may help readers think objectively about leadership in the future.

6. The Fundamentals of Leadership Still Haven't Changed

New leadership books are published every year. Emotional intelligence and personality testing, as well as certifications for leadership, are all newly available assessment tools. In order to become an effective leader, there must be different and more recent approaches. This handbook focuses on six fundamentals of leadership based on an analysis of the leadership development industry.

Become an Amazing Leader

You can create an environment where your team feels valued and empowered when you take opportunities to hone your own leadership skills. And better yet, watching your team grow their own leadership skills and drive their teams should be the north star of all great leaders. As a leader you should also be aware of the different types of leaders you have, check out The Trifecta Leader: Manager, Coach and Leader, to learn more about each and how you can develop them. 

By developing your leadership style and that of your team, you can build a strong, capable and supportive team. The best way to map these leadership development skills starts with learning from the best.

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